Want to save time when working with Windows OS? We recommend memorizing the following Windows keyboard shortcuts!

Yes, by knowing Windows keyboard shortcuts, you can save a lot of time on tasks that require a lot of clicks. The following key combinations can let you perform specific commands easily:

Ctrl + Z

Tired of using the mouse to find the Undo button or option when using Word? Pressing Ctrl + Z simultaneously will allow you to return to the last work in your Word document.

Ctrl + Shift + T

For those of you who want to recover a tab on the Chrome browser that was accidentally closed, press these three buttons to open the tab. If you want to open a new tab, just press Ctrl + N.

Alt + Tab

Gizmin is sure you must have just found out the function of the combination of these two buttons. Yes, Alt + Tab when pressed together will make you select or switch from one application to another easily.

Windows + D

Wanting to return to the Desktop when you are opening a browser, program, or other document can be faster by pressing these two buttons. You no longer need to use the mouse or close the programs that are currently in use.

Windows + E

Both of these keys function as Windows keyboard shortcuts for File Explorer that allow you to access all files, folders, and so on.

Alt + F4

This one must be very familiar. Yes, the Alt + F4 key combination is already very popular, known as a Windows shortcut to exit or close applications easily.

Windows + L

When you’re working with Windows suddenly want to do something else, there’s no need to press the power button to close it. These two key combinations will get you out quickly.

Windows + I

Want to go to the Settings menu to make certain settings, just press these two buttons so you don’t need to do many clicks.

Windows + Shift + S

Taking screenshots of any displayed on your Windows can be very easy by pressing these three buttons. You will be taken to the Snipping Tool feature which functions to capture images that appear according to the desired size and target.

Ctrl + H

This Windows keyboard shortcut is somewhat less familiar in Word work when compared to Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (paste). Whereas with these two buttons you can search for specific text without spending extra time.

So, those are 10 Windows keyboard shortcuts that Gizmin can share with you right now. Easy to memorize right? Good luck


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