Even if you use a computer every day, that doesn’t mean you know how to use it to its full potential. We want to share some tips so you can get the most out of your PC.

We focused on some keyboard shortcuts that will help you delete text and data more quickly in Microsoft Word or Excel, or to help you navigate your computer or internet browser better.

Additionally, we recommend a few extensions and programs, and have listed some tips to help you take control of your inbox.

If you got one thing from this post, it’s that we think you’ll be pleased with how much time you’ll save in the long run using this method.

12 Computer Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Tips & Tricks Button on Computer Keyboard

1. Keyboard shortcuts that will come in handy in word processing

  • CTRL C: Copy
  • CTRL X: Cut
  • CTRL V: Paste
  • CTRL Z: Undo
  • CTRL Y: Redo
  • CTRL B: Bold
  • CTRL U: Underline
  • CTRL I: Italic

2. Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts

  • F2: Edit cell
  • Shift Space: Selects the entire line
  • Ctrl Space: Selects entire column
  • Ctrl Plus: Enter a cell
  • Ctrl Minus: Delete cells
  • Ctrl 1: Edit cell format

3. Keyboard shortcuts for internet browsers

  • CTRL N: New window
  • CTRL T: New tab
  • CTRL Shift T: Reopen the last closed tab
  • CTRL Shift W: Close all open tabs
  • CTRL W: Close the current tab
  • CTRL Plus: Zoom in
  • CTRL Minus: Zoom out
  • CTRL 0: Resets zoom to default
  • CTRL F: Find on page

4. Take a screenshot

  • Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard, and the screenshot can be pasted into any photo editing software, such as Paint or Photoshop.
  • To take a screenshot of only a portion of the screen, you can use the Snipping Tool, a program in Windows to select a specific area of ​​the screen.

5. New computer? Does not matter!

Visit Ninite.com to download programs that are commonly installed together when setting up a new computer. The service is free.

6. Download VLC

Speaking of installing programs, we highly recommend VLC for all computers. This free and open source software makes it easy to play almost any file format you have.

7. Take advantage of the Facebook search engine

You can type someone’s phone number into the Facebook search bar to see their name. This is especially useful for checking the background of someone you just met.

On Facebook, you can also type in very specific search keywords.

For example, type “My friends who live in Bandung” to find your friends when you move to a new city.

Or, you can find new concert friends by typing “My friends who like Payung Teduh.”

You can even see your friends at the company you work for by typing “My friends who work at Google.”

8. Use Shoutkey.com to easily share links with others

Link shortener sites like bit.ly are convenient and common, but there are better link shortener sites that you may not have heard of. ShoutKey’s name.

Other link shortening site URLs are case-sensitive and difficult to read on a whiteboard or PowerPoint presentation.

ShoutKey will randomly choose a word to use it at the end of an easily shareable Shoutkey.com link.

9. Use Pushbullet to send files, links, and text between devices

Pushbullet is an application and extension that brings all your devices together. This makes it easy for you to send messages and reminders from your computer to your smartphone, and share links and files across different devices. So, if you take screenshots or images on your smartphone, you can easily load them into your laptop to edit them in Photoshop.

10. Use the OneTab extension

OneTab is arguably the best Chrome or Firefox extension you can download. The extension places a small button in the tools section which, when pressed, turns all open tabs into a list that is easy to open and access later. Or, you can export tabs as a list of URLs to share with others. Extensions save up to 95% of computer memory, because the browser no longer runs all those tabs.

11. Disable video autoplay in Chrome

You can now disable auto-playing videos!

  • In Chrome’s address bar, write this: chrome://flags/
  • On the keyboard press CTRL F
  • Write autoplay
  • Klik menu dropdown dan set ke “document user activation required”

12. Clear inbox faster

If your old messages are buried under thousands of emails in your Gmail inbox, we think you’ll like this search string.

In the search bar, type the following (in:inbox is:unread -category:promotion) and then hit enter.

This method will make it easy to delete a bunch of emails from brands and shops trying to promote or sell you something.


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