In this article, wants to explain what are the differences between OPPO Reno8 5G and Reno7 5G. Come on, just take a look!

1. Different designs and color options

OPPO Reno8 5G

The difference that will be immediately visible from the outside is of course the design. OPPO Reno8 5G carries the unibody concept with an integrated camera module and back cover thanks to a single glass heating. With such a design, the area around the camera will not be filled with dust let alone get into the camera. The appearance of the OPPO Reno8 5G camera module is also quite beautiful because it is inspired by a vintage cinema camera, complete with a unique Ring Flash.

According to OPPO Indonesia, the Reno8 5G is the thinnest Reno series they have launched so far. If the Reno7 5G has a thickness of 7.81mm, OPPO is still able to design the Reno8 5G with an even thinner body, which is only 7.67mm!

For color options, the Reno8 5G is available in Shimmer Gold and Shimmer Black variants, while the Reno7 5G offers Startrail Blue and Starry Black. The Shimmer Gold variant is the hero of the Reno8 5G, with a gradient effect that changes according to the viewing angle.

2. Reno8 5G chipset is much faster

In terms of innards, the chipset upgrade is one of the most significant. The Reno7 5G actually offers powerful performance with the Dimensity 900 5G. However, the Reno8 5G apparently comes with much faster hardware, namely Dimensity 1300 5G.

For gaming purposes, it is clear that the Reno8 5G can provide a more stable experience. Moreover, OPPO uses a liquid cooling system with an improved Super-Conductive Vapor Chamber (VC). OPPO claims, its performance will be more stable.

3. Improved camera capabilities

The OPPO Reno8 5G is armed with a 50 MP Sony IMX766 main sensor and a 32 MP Sony IMX709 selfie camera, while the Reno7 5G comes with 64 MP on the back and 32 MP on the front. At first glance the resolution on the Reno7 5G main camera is higher. But keep in mind, photo quality is not determined by the amount of megapixels alone.

Improvements in the capabilities of the Reno8 5G main camera can be enjoyed through several advanced features such as Ultra Night Video and Ultra HDR Video, which will automatically detect ambient light when taking pictures at night or in low-light environments.

Enhancements to AI also provide improved image quality, color expression, sharpen facial lines, and prevent loss of detail in photo subjects in silhouette due to strong backlighting. There is also Night Portrait, a night portrait feature with the Turbo RAW algorithm that reduces noise on 3 R/G/B color layers in parallel in RAW format.

Click the following link to view the Reno8 5G low-light photos captured by .

4. 80W SuperVOOC vs 65W SuperVOOC

Another difference that is no less interesting comes from the fast charging feature. OPPO Reno8 5G relies on 80W SuperVOOC technology that can charge up to 50 percent in just 11 minutes. While the Reno7 5G, although it is also quite sophisticated, offers 65W SuperVOOC. The good news, both phones immediately provide a charger in the package.

5. Reno8 5G based on ColorOS 12.1

OPPO has embedded a new operating system in the Reno8 5G, namely ColorOS 12.1. This software brings a variety of useful features for everyday use, such as Recent Task Protection to prevent sensitive information from being exposed to others when switching between applications.

There is also Multi-Screen Connect to connect with Windows 10 PCs. ColorOS 12.1 also allows users to add a password when they want to turn off the device when the screen is locked. That way, other people will have a hard time disabling your lost phone.

Those are the 5 main differences between OPPO Reno8 5G and Reno7 5G. For those who are interested, the OPPO Reno8 is sold at a price of USD $339


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