Apart from being ideal for entertainment , OPPO Pad Air also has a variety of features that make it suitable for supporting productivity. OPPO has indeed designed its newest Android tablet as a device that is compact, easy to carry, and definitely reliable.

Here are 5 features that advanced friends can find on the OPPO Pad Air to stay productive at work or study, anytime and anywhere.

1. Big screen

Doing tasks will be more comfortable if you use a device with a large screen. The Pad Air has a 10.36-inch display with 2K resolution, aka 2000 x 1200 pixels. The bezels are also thin and have a screen-to-body ratio of up to 83.5 percent. With a wide screen, sophisticated friends can be more flexible when working on documents in Office or Doc, or editing videos.

Pad Air is also equipped with an Eye-Care feature with 2048 levels of automatic brightness adjustment based on surrounding conditions. This feature also provides 578 levels under 20 nits, so it’s still comfortable to look at even in dark environments. Even more fun, the Pad Air screen has TUV Rheinland certification to reduce blue light emissions.

2. Multitasking function

Pad Air carries the ColorOS operating system with quite practical multitasking functions. You can open two applications at the same time on one screen. For example, the left side shows the highlights of last night’s football match, and the right side checks the activity schedule on the calendar.

The operating system also makes it possible to integrate and display screens from OPPO smartphones. So, users don’t need to hold the cellphone while working.

3. Keyboard accessories

A more mobile and flexible work culture has begun to be implemented by various companies in Indonesia. We can work from anywhere, aka we don’t have to always be in the office. In a cafe, at home, or in the middle of a trip using public transportation, productivity can be maintained as long as it is supported by the right devices.

OPPO Pad Air comes with accessories in the form of a Flip Case and Smart Bluetooth Keyboard to make it easier for you to work or study.

4. Smart Stylus

The screen size of 10.36 inches can also be a canvas for creativity. Therefore, the Pad Air is equipped with a Smart Stylus with a pressure sensitivity level of 4,096. Sophisticated friends can draw sketches or take notes on important things during meetings.

5. 7,100 mAh battery

Do not miss OPPO to equip it with a long lasting 7,100 mAh battery. If you can watch 1080p video for up to 12 hours, then for lighter tasks like typing or taking notes, of course the battery can last even longer.

OPPO Pad Air price and launch schedule

OPPO has not announced how much the new tablet will cost. But for sure, consumers who are interested in OPPO Pad Air can register first via the following link. The official launch itself is scheduled for December 12, 2022.


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