The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is a device designed to support productivity. It’s not just a matter of specifications, in terms of features and accessories, they are also made to make it easier for you to work.

There are at least 5 Galaxy Z Fold5 features that can make work smoother. What are the features in question? Come on, just take a look!

1. Big screen, lighter weight

The large screen size of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 allows you to open documents comfortably. You can work anywhere and when you have to complete or edit documents, the main screen which uses a 7.6 inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel is a differentiator from cellphones with conventional designs.

With a large screen you can also maximize the Multi Window feature to open more than 3 applications at once. Checking documents, doing research on the internet, and jotting down ideas you can do right on one screen. Then there is also the Advanced Taskbar which can open 4 recent apps with just one click.

What’s interesting, even though the screen is large, in terms of dimensions, the Galaxy Z Fold5 is actually more compact and thinner than the previous generation. Its weight is also lighter, 253 grams, making it easier to carry around and comfortable to hold.

2. S Pen support 

As a productivity-supporting smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold5 is supported by its flagship stylus, the S Pen, for recording and expressing creative ideas on-the-go. Compared to the previous generation of S Pen, the S Pen on Fold5 is now 41% slimmer while still prioritizing comfort of use.

It’s also easier for you to store this S Pen because Samsung presents the latest S Pen Case which is also slimmer in size. With the S Pen Case, the back of the Fold5 is flatter and fits perfectly on the table.

3. Fast performance

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is equipped with hardware that provides fast performance to run all Android applications. This smartphone relies on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset with 4nm architecture, which is specifically designed to optimize the performance of the Fold5.

Combined with the fastest internal memory currently, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 can run all Android applications smoothly, from games to video editing applications. Multitasking can also be done easily and smoothly. Important for users who want to open several applications at once on one screen.

4. Easy to connect to Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra or laptop

The Galaxy Ecosystem is an advantage that Samsung has consistently developed from generation to generation. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 can easily connect to a Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra or laptop. You can share files or data more practically just by using the Drag and Drop feature.

This ecosystem that supports productivity is also increasingly attracting attention thanks to Samsung Notes, which allows collaboration in virtual spaces to be more seamless. You can send files and update all your work in real time together while holding a virtual meeting.

5. Long lasting battery

A feature that is no less important for productivity support devices is the battery. Fold5 is equipped with dual 4,400 mAh batteries that last a long time to accompany your activities. You can do your assignments, surf the internet, and join virtual meetings without worrying about the battery running out quickly.

When it comes to charging, the Galaxy Z Fold5 supports 25W fast charging using a cable or 15W wirelessly. That way, the battery will be full faster in a relatively short time.

Price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

With a series of significant upgrades from the previous generation, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 at the same price, starting from USD $1.640.


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