OPPO Reno8 Pro 5G in addition to making the camera sector the main selling point thanks to the MariSilicon X NPU support, this device is also supported by a variety of powerful security features that can provide a more comfortable user experience.

Moreover, OPPO in the near future will launch a ColorOS 13 operating system update for Reno8 Pro 5G. The new OS has various safeguards to protect the phone from unwanted things such as data leakage.

What are the security features in question? Come on, just take a look!

1. Require Password to Power Off

As the name implies, this feature will ask for a password or password to turn off a locked phone. In addition to passwords, you can also use a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint. That way, if your phone is lost or stolen, it will be difficult for other people to turn it off.

2. Anti-peeping Notification

This feature is very useful for hiding content from incoming notifications when it detects that someone else (other than the user) is viewing the screen. That means, the information that usually appears on the notification will not be read by just anyone.

3. Recent Tasks Protection

Recent Tasks Protection is a feature that helps prevent sensitive information from being exposed to others when the user is switching from one application to another. According to OPPO, there are currently more than 800 applications that support this feature.

4. Payment Protection

A very important security feature in today’s digital payment era. Thanks to Payment Protection, during the payment process, OPPO phones will automatically check the URLs accessed by the user via the browser or the URL in the message, and ensure that the URL is safe.

5. Photo Information Protection

The Reno8 Series 5G line, including the Reno8 Pro 5G, has a Photo Information Protection feature that will offer the option to delete photo location information, as well as additional photo meta data such as name, time, phone model, and parameters when you want to share photos or videos in albums. files, as well as third-party applications. The goal is to protect the privacy of the user.

6. 5-Grade Access Control

OPPO Reno8 Series 5G has advanced privacy features such as Privacy Dashboard, Approximate Location Sharing, Microphone and Camera Indicator, Microphone and Camera Switch, and Notification Presentation. Users have full control over who can see the data on the phone and when the data is accessed.

7. Secure Keyboard

Secure Keyboard is a security feature that has been available on OPPO phones for a long time, and of course it has now been improved. Its function is to prevent the recording of input numbers or text entered via the keyboard to the internet network. That way, activities such as digital transactions as well as data access and privacy will be more secure.

Those are the various security features on the OPPO Reno8 Pro 5G.


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