With advances in technology, now you can produce good quality photos with the help of a camera application which is available for free on the Android Play Store .

Not only for appearing on social media, good quality photos can also help you run a business, find work, and other needs, you know!

Here are 7 recommendations for the best Android camera applications that can help make your photos look as good as expensive or professional cellphone cameras.


The first best Android camera application is VSCO. This application is available to help users edit photos and videos as desired.

You can adjust the lighting as you wish. VSCO even provides filters that support your aesthetic taste. For example, the Grain and Fade features that you can adjust so that your photos look old.

Besides that, you can also use frames of various colors to make your photos look more attractive. With VSCO, you can also edit videos using photos and illustrations!

[appbox googleplay com.vsco.cam]

2. Camera 360

For those of you who like selfies or taking photos of yourself, you must have the Camera 360 application. This application provides various features to make your photos look nicer and more professional.

You can make your photos look retro, black and white, or whatever suits your preferred aesthetic style. In this application there are also makeup filters that you can use as you wish. So, you can be creative without bothering to put on your own face.

Apart from simple filters, you can also create 10 to 60 second videos with various available filters. You can even try the stickers and anime features to give your photos a cute look.

Tinker with your selfies or portraits by downloading the right apps like Camera 360.

[appbox googleplay vStudio.Android.Camera360]

3. Camera MX

Another camera application for Android that has interesting features and you can get it for free. Camera MX is a camera app suitable for Android users, so they can produce high-quality photos.

This camera application has features that help you get HD quality even when shooting in bad lighting conditions. You can also use features that help focus on shooting, so that the resulting photo is really clear.

You can use this application with the front or rear camera. So, if you need HD photos wherever you are, Camera MX should be the application that you are considering.

[appbox googleplay com.magix.camera_mx]

4. Camera FV-5 Lite

Want to take pictures like using a professional camera? Camera FV-5 Lite is the answer.

If you are using Android, you can get this application and produce high quality photos. You can adjust the focus mode, exposure, ISO, and there is even a viewfinder feature like a DSLR camera.

With this application, you can also organize the storage of the photos that you take neatly. Camera FV-5 Lite is available for free on Google Play and you can try it right away.

[appbox googleplay com.flavionet.android.camera.lite]

5. Take

Beautiful celebrity-style photos on Instagram can be generated from an ordinary Android camera. You can also have great photos like them using Cymera.

You can make photos for various purposes such as for Instagram content, create memes, and create YouTube thumbnails.

This is because they have a feature that makes the visuals of your photo clearer, and you can even adjust the size easily. So, you don’t need to learn a complicated editing program.

You can even make your face look slimmer, or make your skin look more glowing. So, if you want to have photos like celebrities on social media, you can directly download this application on Google Play.

[appbox googleplay com.cyworld.camera]

6. Polar

If you like pop art themed photos, then Polarr is the camera app you are looking for.

You can edit your photos in various styles according to your imagination. You can also use the layer feature to give effect to photo objects or photo backgrounds. Apart from that, there are also features that let you play with lighting, colors, and even edit faces.

Well, get this application on Google Play and start developing your creativity using your own shots.

[appbox googleplay photo.editor.polarr]

7. Candy Camera

This free camera application also helps users to get the best selfie photo quality with the various features available.

This application presents many camera filters that you can choose from. There are also tools to beautify your photos, such as whitening, lipstick, blush, eyeliner to mascara.

You can also choose various cute stickers to decorate your photos, you know! The application that has been downloaded more than 100 million times is worth considering if you are one of those who like selfies.

[appbox googleplay com.joeware.android.gpulumera]

Now that you know, how to get professional quality photos with a cellphone camera? Whether it’s just for existence or for work needs, all of these camera applications can make the process of taking and editing images more practical.


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