Sometimes feeling and cheating capital is not enough to renovate or redecorate your home. But, if you have to use the services of a contractor or interior designer, the cost is definitely very expensive.

Therefore, the presence of a home design application for smartphone users can be a useful tool for those of you who want to create your own interior design. For those of you who are Android users, here are 7 of the best home design applications that you can use to design your dream home for a smartphone.

1. Interior Design

This home design application provides an image to reference your design needs. In addition, this application is easy to use and does not take up much space on the cellphone memory.

The images are divided by category so they are easy to find. This makes it easy to get references when you want to redecorate a certain room.

Of course, it is not only a reference for interior design, there are many pictures that can be used as inspiration for home exterior design.

What’s fun is, you can also share the design image you like on social media, save the image, and even make it a wallpaper.

[appbox googleplay com.constructionsolution.interiordesign]

2. Houzz – Home Design & Remodel

There are more than 20 million images available in this home design application. From interior design drawings to furniture for your home decoration needs.

Uniquely, you can mix and match. Use the View in My Room 3D feature which then connects the camera with the application. With this feature, you can find out whether the selected furniture is suitable and suitable for the room or not.

Apart from that, this application can also connect you with furniture sellers and professional designers. So, you only need to use one application for all your home renovation and decoration needs.

For those of you who work as professional architects or designers, you can use Houzz Pro to connect you with potential clients.

[appbox googleplay]

3. Planner 5D – Home & Interior Design

This one application allows you to get a realistic design overview in 2D or 3D mode. You can use Planner 5D for interior or exterior design.

It features a catalog of around 150 furniture samples for free app users. As for the paid version, you can get a catalog that contains more than 5,000 pieces of furniture. Then other features that can be obtained are 2D and 3D editors, the catalog contains patterns that have been provided or that you make yourself.

Planner 5D is indeed suitable for those of you who want to make your own designs for home design projects. Starting from the layout design as well as the pattern or texture that you want to apply to the room or the exterior of the house.

[appbox googleplay com.planner5d.planner5d]

4. Floor Plan Creator

You could say Floor Plan Creator is a fairly flexible Android home design application. By using this application, you can design a more accurate room layout. Floor Plan Creator has a feature that allows users to adjust the size and shape of the room appropriately.

You can use this application as a first step in the interior or exterior design process of your room or room. This application is also suitable for those of you who have just opened a business or office. With the images you get from this application, communication with contractors can be easier.

[appbox googleplay]

5. 3D Kitchen Design for IKEA: Room Interior Planner

The 3D Kitchen Design for IKEA application is suitable for those of you who like a minimalist design or if you want to decorate a kitchen space that is not too big. Not only furniture from IKEA, you can also access furniture references from other brands.

With this home design application you can visualize or get a realistic picture. You just need to connect the application with the camera so that the selection of furniture and decorations can be done correctly. Reference furniture offered can be resized as desired.

In addition, you can also make a floor plan or room design with the right size. One more interesting thing, this application can help you to find out the calculation of renovation costs.

[appbox googleplay]

6. Magicplan

Magicplan can be said to be a fairly practical home design application. You just have to connect your cellphone camera to the application, then scan the room you want to renovate to get the right size.

From the results of this scan, you can make a room layout plan before making a design for the interior.

You can make professional home design sketches for various needs. Complete with the creation of a report that includes notes, photos, and even estimated costs.

This application can also be used for individuals, as well as to collaborate with others on your home design projects.

[appbox googleplay com.sensopia.magicplan]

7. Front Elevation Design

This last home design application provides a comprehensive home design idea. You can access home design videos that show designs in detail making it easier to adapt them to your home design.

Even though it doesn’t provide detailed features like other home design applications, Front Elevation Design is a good reference for the design of various types of homes.

[appbox googleplay com.bestdiyever.frontelevation]

Ready to make your home more attractive? Or do you want to hone your design hobby? Choose the home design application that best suits your needs from the list above. Don’t forget to also share your design creations to be an inspiration for others. Hope it is useful!


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