Gaming is a fun and entertaining activity. Especially if you use a gaming PC with the Windows operating system. With a larger computer screen, the gaming experience will be more pronounced, especially games with stunning graphics quality. 

For this reason, your gaming PC must be equipped with a myriad of reliable capabilities so that the gaming experience does not experience any problems. In order to be able to run various heavy games, of course, it requires a qualified gaming PC specification.

Here we will briefly and concisely describe 7 (seven) ways to optimize PC gaming to support gaming activities as follows:

1. Equip a Gaming PC with a Processor and Graphics Card

One of the main must-haves for a gaming PC is a reliable processor and graphics card. This is very vital because the processor is like the brain for all the activities of a PC that will determine the performance of the game being played. While the graphics card is an additional card that is useful for bringing up the display on the PC screen. 

Both capable hardware must be owned by gamers. For processors, you can use Intel or AMD products. If necessary, you should use the latest Intel or AMD processors because it is believed that the performance will be better than the previous generation. Regarding the graphics card, you can use an Nvidia GPU with a minimum capacity of 8GB. 

2. Turn Off Notifications

The entry of a number of notifications whether it’s a Whatsapp message, E-mail, Skype will be enough to disturb your focus in playing. But more importantly, notifications like this can actually slow down PC performance. The gaming experience will be slightly disturbed. Therefore, please just turn off the notification first and immediately continue playing the game. 

3. Strengthen Internet Network

When playing online games, of course, you need a capable internet speed to support the smooth playing of your game. Therefore, if you rely on a Wifi connection at home, then make sure that only one of your PC devices is connected to your Wifi. This is done in order to restrict the users who are connected to Wifi from the router settings. So that you can enjoy the maximum internet speed that will support the smooth playing of online games.

4. First turn off sticky keys

Usually will use the PC keyboard to navigate the game play. Well, when playing games, you will accidentally press a number of keyboard buttons which can at least hinder PC performance and the smooth playing of your games. Therefore, please turn off the sticky keys on your PC keyboard first in the Windows Settings section. 

5. Turn on Power Options

Power issues are also very vital for the smooth playing of your games, especially when you are using a laptop device. Therefore, don’t forget to turn on the power options to get the highest power that will make your computer screen display always bright throughout your game play. 

6. Close unnecessary programs

To optimize PC gaming when playing games, you first need to close other open programs. It’s okay, the more programs you open, the more it will hamper PC performance when playing games. For that, you can press the Ctrl + Alt + Del function, and select Task Manager which is then followed by right-clicking to close programs that are not needed during the game. 

7. Change Graphics Capabilities

One way to optimize your PC’s performance for gaming is to slightly tweak the graphics capabilities. Indeed, graphics are needed to get the perfect picture display on the PC screen, but it can hamper the performance of the PC itself. For that, you can change the graphics settings manually so that the displayed resolution is smaller. This is done with the aim that your PC’s performance can be more optimal.


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