OPPO Reno7 Z 5G is not a smartphone designed specifically for gamers. The design alone is stylish and sleek, unlike gaming phones that tend to be aggressive. Even so, there are a variety of interesting features in the Reno7 Z 5G that make it ideal for comfortable and smooth gaming.

Curious what gaming features the OPPO Reno7 Z 5G has? Come on, just take a look!

1. Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G

Snapdragon 695 5G is a new chipset (October 2021) that already carries 6nm fabrication. For your information, 720G is still 8nm. In terms of performance efficiency, Snapdragon 695 5G with 6nm fabrication will be much better. That is, the faster but more efficient power.

This chipset is equipped with an octa-core Kryo 660 CPU consisting of a 2.2GHz Cortex-A78 as a performance core, and a 1.8GHz Cortex-A55 as a power-saving core. The combination that makes the CPU performance 15 percent faster. In addition, the Snapdragon 695 5G is also supported by the Adreno 619 GPU, which offers a 30 percent increase in graphics performance compared to its predecessor. Suitable for you gamers.

2. Support 5G

Snapdragon 695 has been equipped with a 5G modem that supports 5G networks on the N1, N3, N40 bands. The good news is that OPPO has tested 3 5G operators in Indonesia. With lower latency and higher speed, of course playing online games on the 5G network will provide a different experience.

3. 33W SuperVOOC

The Reno7 Z 5G is equipped with a 4,500 mAh battery. Although not the largest in its class, but as we all know ColorOS’s power management system makes battery consumption more efficient with optimal performance.

If you need to recharge the battery, the Reno7 Z 5G has 33W SuperVOOC technology which only takes 15 minutes to charge up to 31 percent, or 63 minutes to 100 percent. No need to wait long, you can immediately return to the game.

4. Real HD Sound 3.0

Games are not just about visuals. Great audio can add to the fun of playing. With Real HD Sound 3.0, the Reno7 Z 5G automatically optimizes audio according to the activity you’re doing, including when playing games. While the Smart Power Amplifier helps support more powerful audio.

5. AI System Booster

In terms of software, ColorOS 12 adopted by OPPO Reno7 Z 5G is equipped with AI System Booster. Its function ensures maximum responsiveness at all times by focusing the CPU on the application in use. There are no settings you need to enable. AI System Booster will automatically keep your smartphone running smoothly, including when playing games.

6. AI Frame Rate Stabilizer

Including part of the HyperBoost that we are already familiar with, the AI ​​Frame Rate Stabilizer is able to eliminate bogged down and stuck frames. You certainly don’t want the frame rate to be disturbed while playing the game which results in the character reacting slowly and then being defeated by the enemy. Yes, with this feature, that is no longer the case.

For your information, the AI ​​Frame Rate Stabilizer is currently only available in several popular games such as Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, LOLM, and COD Mobile, Genshin Impact, and Subway Surfers.

7. Quick Startup

Quick Startup has certainly become a familiar feature among OPPO fans. This feature allows games to open faster and intelligently identifies the games you play frequently. That way, you don’t have to wait any longer while the game is running in the background.

OPPO Reno7 Z 5G Price

Those are the 7 powerful gaming features that the OPPO Reno7 Z 5G has . For those who are interested, this smartphone can be ordered at a price of  USD $419. During the pre-order period from March 2-10, 2022, consumers will get a bonus in the form of a Reno7 Digisound Bluetooth Speaker. 


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