Almost all people use smartphones with the Android platform. Because these devices are available at various prices. However, its use for daily activities makes its performance slow down. If your smartphone is slow or takes a long time to use, it will definitely make you annoyed and even tired. Below are 9 tips from us to improve smartphone performance .

Improving Smartphone Performance Through Updates

One of the causes of slow smartphones is the lack of optimization in the operating system. By updating the operating system, the smartphone will be more optimal. Usually there are several smartphones that can update the operating system automatically, but you can also update manually by going to:

Settings ( Settings ) > About Phone ( About Phone ) > Updates ( Software Update ).

Using Custom ROMs

Using a custom ROM can be done if the default smartphone operating system is too burdensome for the system. You can use this method to replace the default smartphone operating system , but in this way we have to do an unusual installation and you have to understand several aspects such as:

  • How does root /super user work.
  • Selection of custom ROMs that are suitable for smartphones .
  • How to install a custom recovery .
  • How to flash .

However, if you do not understand the aspects above in improving smartphone performance, it is recommended not to use this method.

Turn Off or Reduce the Auto Sync Feature

Synchronization ( Sync ) is an attempt to pull in new data and present it to users — which of course uses the internet and drains your battery. Synchronization is one of the reasons for the slowness of our smartphones .

You can access sync settings in Settings > Accounts > Auto – sync . For some people who don’t want to turn off automatic sync, you can reduce the frequency of syncing by means of a Google account that you don’t need.

Check Available Memory

The large number of downloaded applications is the main reason for the performance of an Android smartphone to slow down. The minimum threshold for Android performance without a hitch is twenty percent. So if a smartphone has a storage capacity of 8 GB, then around 1 GB of unused memory must be available so that the process of improving smartphone performance can run more smoothly and give your smartphone breathing space .

Removing Redundant Widgets

Some users tend to choose to use widgets . But if more than three widgets are installed on your smartphone’s homescreen , it will actually affect smartphone performance . Especially on widgets that use third-party launchers like news aggregator Babe .

Know Free Space Used by Apps

The available RAM capacity will greatly affect smartphone performance , the higher the available RAM, the safer the smartphone will be from being called ‘slow’. Especially those of you who like to play games .

Improving smartphone performance will be a very crucial step, especially with regard to capacity. It would be better for you to choose a smartphone with a RAM capacity above 2 GB. So if you are going to install an application you have to know whether the application is draining RAM or not.

Smartphone Rarely Restarts

This method is the easiest to use and is often applied by users who want to improve smartphone performance . By restarting the smartphone , smartphone performance will be able to return to normal. Or you restart after practicing some of the tips that we have mentioned above.


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