One of the smartphone accessories needed in everyday life is a power bank. Apart from using cables, wireless power banks have various features that make it easy to use. One of the power banks that you can choose is ACMIC MW5 – 5000 mAh. 

This power bank comes from a brand called ACMIC. This product, called ACMIC Magbank MW5, takes the wireless power bank product segment that can be used with the Magsafe feature from Apple’s iPhone devices. 

However, the ACMIC power bank that we discussed this time can still be used for Android users. Because even though it ‘s wireless , it still provides options for charging with a cable. More on this discussion will be explained below. 

Design of ACMIC MagBank MW5 – 5000 mAh

Apart from the features of the device, one of the advantages of the ACMIC MagBank MW5 is in terms of design. The unit I tried is white, thin and light. Suitable for carrying mobile activities. And when attached to the device, it’s also not too heavy. 

Indeed, this thin design is also not free from problems, namely from the size of the battery. The unit that I am reviewing only carries 5000 mAh of power. Actually enough as a tool in case the three cellphones run out of power, but the terrace is lacking for full day activities from morning to night. 

The Acmic MagBank is also equipped with a built in kickstand , so even though it’s thin, from a design standpoint, it has quite complete features. 

While trying this power bank , its thin design has indeed become one of the main advantages. It’s light, easy to store in your bag and it’s not heavy when you use it. The availability of two wired and wireless functions is also quite helpful. 

However, because the power is not large, this power bank is more used as an emergency, when the battery is below 5 percent, then this power bank is used, but if there is still a place to charge cellphones with a plug, this power bank should not be used first. 

Specifications and features

For its own specifications, apart from carrying 5000 mAh power, the ACMIC Magbank MW5 features a 15 Watt Fast Wireless Charging feature and for 20 Watt Wired Fast Wired Charging (USB-C Output PD3.0) but with an ACMIC PDL100 cable (sold separately) for the iPhone 14/ 13/12/11/X/8 Series/iPhone SE (2020). 

According to the info on the official page, this power bank is also safe to take on the plane and has additional ‘smart’ features. Among other things, what lights will turn on when it detects an obstacle made of metal/iron/RFID card, then there is also the ability to charge iPhone and MagBank simultaneously. 

ACMIC has also added AI Safe technology for security. As mentioned above, apart from being wireless , this power bank can also be used with a cable. There are two input plugs , a usb type-C and a lighting cable . So iPhone and Android users who don’t have wireless charging features on their devices can still use these devices. 

Conclusion Review ACMIC MagBank MW5 – 5000mAh

At the time of publication of this article, ACMIC Magbank MW5 is currently getting a discount of more than 50%. However, this device is interesting to try, because of its tiny design, quite a variety of available colors, and its features that are not only wireless but also wired. 

If you are still lacking with 5000 mAh power, ACMIC also provides MagBank with 10,000 mAh power. Of course, at a slightly higher price. 


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