Not all users are comfortable with the small size of the smartwatch screen. That’s why Amazfit launched Pop 3S , its first smartwatch with the largest display panel.

Amazfit Pop 3S specifications

To spoil your eyes, Pop 3S comes with a premium class screen panel, namely AMOLED. The screen size is 1.96 inches with a resolution of 410 x 502 pixels. Largest among all previous Amazfit smartwatches. For comparison, the GTS 4 comes with a 1.75-inch screen. Meanwhile, the Bip 3 and Bip Pro have 1.69-inch screens.

The AMOLED screen he carries is reinforced with a layer of 2.5D glass as a protector. To accentuate the premium impression, there is a strap option made of stainless steel material.

To monitor body fitness, there is support for heart rate sensors and SpO2. This smartwatch can also monitor stress and sleep patterns. As a sports companion, there are up to 100 sports modes that can be selected according to user needs.

Another feature, this smartwatch already has an integrated microphone and speaker. That way, you can immediately receive and make calls when connected to a smartphone.

As for battery life, the Pop 3S can be used for up to 12 days. With a note not to use the Always On Display (AOD) feature.

Amazfit Pop 3S Price

Pop 3S is currently available in the Indian market first. The selling price is in the range of US$73.

First impression

The large AMOLED screen is the main attraction of smartwatches. The selling price, which is in the range of a million Rupiah, is also relatively cheap. If you need a cheap smartwatch with a large AMOLED screen.


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