After recently updating the version of its most popular e-book reader, now it’s Amazon’s turn to present a new series that is the most premium offering. Having the largest dimensions, Amazon Kindle Scribe tries to present a more multifunctional device. Offer more features than ever.

So far, Kindle is designed specifically for reading books (and accessing audiobook content) only. Starting from the Basic version to Oasis, the only difference is in the design, screen quality, memory and the like. Meanwhile, through Kindle Scribe, users will be able to access documents, to draw with a stylus directly from the front screen.

The launch of the Kindle Scribe itself coincided with a number of other devices introduced by Amazon through a launch event held last fall (28/9). Amazon will also introduce its newest cloud service so that consumers can take advantage of one of the newest features of its e-book reader. And provide special promos for users in their home country, namely the United States.

Support Microsoft Document Format

Because it is equipped with a much larger screen, the design of the Kindle Scribe does look quite large. Even so, the weight is quite maintained, which is in the range of 433 grams with a thickness of 8.4mm. This device is only equipped with a power button and a USB-C port on its side, aka without additional buttons like the button to turn the page of a book on the Kindle Oasis.

The front screen itself measures 10.2 inches, uses Paperwhite technology which has a high pixel density of 300ppi. The display can adjust brightness automatically, and now supports stylus input with adjustable pressure. Interestingly, the Kindle Scribe’s stylus doesn’t need to be charged, and can stick magnetically.

There are two types of stylus offered for Kindle Scribe, and a special premium variant, equipped with a special button for erasing and shortcuts that can be used for quick note access. Later, all notes on the book that is being carried will be automatically stored in Amazon’s cloud. Besides drawing, it can also be used to edit Microsoft’s DOCX format documents.

Kindle Scribe has a battery life of up to 3 months

In early 2023, Microsoft will provide the option to send documents directly from Office to Kindle Scribe. Supporting Wi-Fi connectivity, this device is claimed to be used for weeks. Judging from the product page, it can take up to 3 months if you use it to read 30 minutes per day. Meanwhile, if you write 30 minutes per day, it can take up to 3 weeks.

Charging the Kindle Scribe takes about 2.5 hours. As for the memory option, it will be available in 16/32/64GB size, which can be used to store various titles from a total of 13 million content owned by Amazon. Kindle Scribe also supports the VoiceView feature using Bluetooth earphones.

The price of the Kindle Scribe itself is priced at USD $339, and consumers will immediately get a stylus or pen in the sales package. Pre-orders have opened in the United States as of today, while the unit itself will only be available November 30. It includes a four-month trial of Kindle Unlimited—unfortunately for users in the US only.


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