AMD announced the presence of six new desktop processors based on the Zen 3 and Zen 2 architectures. Interestingly, this line of processors from the Ryzen 5000 and Ryzen 4000 families are sold at quite tempting prices, especially for the cheapest series.

AMD Ryzen 4000 Series

Carrying the Zen 2 architecture and Renoir APU with several modifications, the latest Ryzen 4000 Series consists of the Ryzen 4100, Ryzen 4500, and Ryzen 4600G. The cheapest, Ryzen 4100, is a 4-core and 8-thread processor with speeds up to 4.0/3.8 GHz. This processor has 6MB Cache and 65W TDP. The price is only US $ 99 only.

Next there is the Ryzen 4500, 6-core 12-thread, speeds up to 4.1/3.6 GHz with 11MB Cache and 65W TDP. Just like the Ryzen 4100, the Ryzen 4500 does not have an integrated graphics card. The price is US$129.

Lastly is the Ryzen 4600G with Radeon Graphics. It’s a 6-core 12-thread processor clocked at up to 4.2/3.7 GHz, with 11MB of cache and a TDP of 65W. The Ryzen 4600G retails for US$154. All three processors from the Ryzen 4000 Series family come with a Wraith Stealth Cooler.

AMD Ryzen 5000 Series

Switching to the Ryzen 5000 Series with Zen 3 architecture, the cheapest processor in this lineup is the Ryzen 5500 with 6-core 12-thread. The speed is up to 4.2/3.6 GHz and it has 19MB Cache and 65W TDP. Without an integrated graphics card, the Ryzen 5500 retails for US$159.

Then there is the Ryzen 5600 with 6-core 12-thread speeds up to 4.4/3.5 GHz. This processor supports 35MB Cache with a TDP of 65W, and costs $199. The last and the most expensive of the new processor series this time is the Ryzen 5700X. With an 8-core 16-thread clocked at up to 4.6/3.4 GHz, the Ryzen 5700X has 36MB Cache and a TDP of 65W. The price is US$299.


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