Anyone can be exposed to a cyber attack. Apple device users are no exception. To anticipate this, Apple launched an advanced security feature called Lockdown Mode .

Lockdown Mode Features

According to Apple, Lockdown Mode is the most extreme optional protection to secure Apple devices. It is said to be optional because this feature is not for everyone. In fact, not ideal for everyday use.

Lockdown Mode will be very useful for activists, politicians, journalists and celebrities. In an emergency, if they detect or become the target of a cyber attack on their device, Lockdown Mode can be activated immediately.

When active Lockdown Mode will change various device security settings. Some communication features are also automatically blocked. This way it will be more difficult for cybercriminals to gain access to or take full control of your device.

The following functions will be restricted when Lockdown Mode is active:
– Messages: Some messages with attachments will be blocked. Some features will also not work.
– FaceTime: Incoming FaceTime calls from people you’ve never contacted before will be blocked.
– Web Broswing: Some browser features and technologies will be blocked.
– Shared Albums: Shared Albums will be removed from the Photos app. New invitations to Share Albums are also blocked.
– Device Connections: Wired connections to other devices or accessories will be blocked when the device is locked.
– Apple Services: Invitations from people you’ve never been in contact with will be blocked.
– Profiles: no longer supported profile configuration for school, work or otherwise.

How to use Lockdown Mode

To use Lockdown Mode is also very easy. Users only need to go to Settings, then select Privacy and Security. Select Lockdown Mode and enable it. After that, your device will restart and it will go straight into Lockdown Mode.

Lockdown Mode Availability

Lockdown Mode will be available for iPhone, iPad and Mac. This mode can be found on iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura.


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