Apple announced the presence of Mac Studio . This device is the first to use Apple’s latest chipset, the M1 Ultra .

Apple Mac Studio features Apple
Mac Studio comes with compact dimensions. The body dimensions are 7.7 x 7.7 x 3.7 inches. Very space-saving on the table. The design is at first glance similar to the Mac Mini. However, with the M1 Ultra chipset, it is clear that the performance is much more powerful.

According to Apple, thanks to the Apple M1 Ultra chipset, it is not impossible for Mac Studio to come with very compact dimensions. This is because in addition to the very fast chipset performance, the M1 Ultra also offers a TDP that is more energy efficient when compared to chipsets from competing manufacturers.

Apple Mac Studio will be available with two chipset options, namely the Apple M1 Ultra and the M1 Max. Storage space is supported by SSD options up to 8TB capacity at a speed of 7.4 GB/s. The memory bandwidth it supports is up to 800GB and 128GB of unified memory (RAM) is available for the M1 Ultra model. For models with the M1 chipset, the max memory is 64GB.

With these specifications, Mac Studio can display output up to 4K resolution simultaneously on four Apple Pro Display XDR monitors. In fact, users are enabled to play up to 18 videos in 8K ProRes 422 format at the same time. This makes it ideal for creative needs such as content creation.

To compensate for its very fast performance, Apple has embedded a special cooling system. The cooling fan is also supported by more than 2000 ventilation holes that can be found in the body. Other features, Mac Studio has been equipped with an SD 4.0 memory card reader slot, WiFi6, support for Thunderbolt 4 ports and 10Gbps ethernet.

Apple Mac Studio Price

Apple Mac Studio with Apple M1 Max chipset starts at US$1999. For models with the M1 Ultra chipset it is more expensive. The top specs with the M1 Ultra chipset, 128GB memory, and 8TB SSD cost US $7999


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