According to the rumors circulating in recent weeks, Apple has finally unveiled a new type of device, the result of years of development. Named Apple Vision Pro, this device appears in a futuristic design, but has a very natural navigation method—only using your hands.

The number of AR/mixed reality headsets that have been released in recent years have always been bulky, requiring special controllers, and limited application availability. Apple seems to be able to answer these three limitations, while at the same time presenting other new technologies through Apple Vision Pro. Where Tim Cook said that this device would introduce “spatial computing” like the iPhone revolutionizing smartphones.

Apple Vision Pro gives its users the freedom to control devices more easily, work mobile, to easily adjust the level of the virtual world through a play button that is the same as the one on the Apple Watch. When in use, other people can see the user’s eyes—with good reason.

Present New & Unique Technology Like EyeSight

The design of the Apple Vision Pro does look very futuristic, where the front of the device is dominated by laminated glass and has three-dimensional indentations. There are a number of cameras in it, including on the bottom of the device. With an aluminum frame, the rest is made flexible to adapt to the shape of the head, ensuring that it stays comfortable for long periods of use.

Apple even collaborated with ZEISS to release special optics, which can be removed as a replacement for glasses for those who wear glasses, of course. On the left side of the device, you can see that there is only a cable. Apple provides two options for using this device, namely with a charger that can be used all day, or a portable battery that can be put in your trouser pocket and lasts up to 2 hours of use.

When in use, users can change the view that is in front of their eyes by combining it with the virtual world, or become a completely virtual world—with the intensity that can be adjusted via the Digital Crown on the top right of the Apple Vision Pro. For people around, they can see the user’s view if they are actually accessing the application, or blur as a sign that the user cannot see around. This technology Apple calls EyeSight.

Through visionOS, Apple is perfecting a number of platforms and applications such as Apple TV, FaceTime and others so that it can take full advantage of the potential of Apple Vision Pro. What can be done through this device?

Apple Vision Pro will be rich in applications from the start

In a presentation with a total duration of approximately 30 minutes, Apple provided a number of scenarios for using Apple Vision Pro. To relax, the Photos application can display panoramic photos immersively, and can set the size of movie shows from digital platforms as desired. Uniquely, this device also has a special camera to capture three-dimensional photos and videos.

How about productivity? Apple Vision Pro can run a number of applications at once without physical screen limitations, from office applications to the Safari browser. The good news is that all applications in the App Store for both the iPad and iPhone will be accessible from the first day of sales. So that users will not feel the lack of applications.

Apple also facilitates presentations by utilizing FaceTime and other platforms. When you ask how the face of an Apple Vision Pro user looks from other meeting participants, Apple provides a quite unique solution: before using the device, a number of camera sensors in front can do a face scan first. To then give a virtual face display with facial expressions to hand movements according to the original.

In its presentation, Apple also took the CEO of Disney to show the cooperation between the two parties. Later, subscribers to the Disney digital platform will be able to watch a number of sports shows at once, watch movies with a more immersive effect, to show, for example, broadcasts of basketball matches followed by information on each player and other additional information on all sides of the virtual screen.

Strengthened with Special Apple M2 Chip & R1 Chip

As previously mentioned, Apple Vision Pro users only need eyesight, hand gestures, and voice to navigate in the virtual vision OS world. Technically, the device is built on the new Apple M2 and Apple R1 chipsets combined. Process input from a total of 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones at once.

The two screens inside the device use micro-OLED technology, displaying a dense 23 million pixels for a sharp view, plus a special catadioptric lens. Apple R1 also allows the device to display a new image every 12 milliseconds, aka 8 times more instant than the blink of a human eye.

Similar to Face ID, Apple also presents a security solution using eye sight. Called Optic ID, this feature will automatically detect the iris layer, to open Apple Vision Pro automatically. Not to forget, two audio systems on each side are close to the ear, to stream immersive sound with spatial effects.

For a futuristic device that is rich in new technology, it’s only natural that the price of the Apple Vision Pro is fantastic. Priced at USD $3.499, this device will only be available for purchase in early 2024 in a number of certain countries


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