ASRock released the latest product for the ASRock LiveMixer motherboard category. Interestingly, this device for desktop PCs comes with a combination of colors and graffiti-style styles.

There are two models presented, namely Intel Z790 and AMD B650. Both ASRock LiveMixer motherboards come with a colorful shroud and a touch of graffiti, not only on the top or front but also the backplate.

We have done research on the needs of live streaming in the long term, and with LiveMixer we are optimistic that we can offer the best quality through a VRM design, additional PCIe slots and more than 22 USB ports,” said VP ASRock Motherboad & Gaming Monitor Business Unit.

Not only does it provide a new color display, ASRock motherboards also support a very large number of USB ports. This allows content creators to connect many additional gadgets and accessories to their PC.

ASRock LiveMixer Motherboard Specifications

Despite the differences between Intel and AMD platform chipsets, this motherboard has a lot of potential parts designed for streaming. Common features across both boards are highlighted in the screenshot below, and include: 23 onboard USB ports, Dragon 2.5G LAN, DDR5 memory support, Nahimic audio, automatic drivers, and Polychrome Sync lighting.

There is also an Ultra USB Power feature, which relies on a special IC that converts 12V to 5V power to maintain stable power on connected devices. This will prevent noise on devices such as USB audio.

Other features such as Dual PCIe 4x and Thunderbolt also help content creators use best-in-class graphics cards and high-speed capture card devices at the same time.

The ASRock LiveMixer motherboard features a PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD which allows users to have storage with the fastest data transfer speeds. Here it is equipped with a multi-layer heatsink that keeps the SSD’s performance high even when processing heavy workloads because it avoids thermal throttling.

Unfortunately, ASRock hasn’t mentioned any details about availability or pricing for the ASRock LiveMixer motherboard. Including color choices and chipset platforms for Intel Raptor Lake and the latest AMD Ryzen 7000 series CPUs.


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