Astell&Kern announced the arrival of Kann Max . As the name implies, this portable music player offers the most powerful performance in the Kann line.

Features of Astell&Kern Kann Max

The Astell&Kern Kann Max offers a maximum output of up to 15 Vrms with four gain setting options. This means that, among other Astell&Kern Kann variants, Kann Max is the most compatible with various types of headphones. This includes premium studio-grade headphones which generally have high impedance levels without the need for additional amps. Users can also find a variety of audio jack ports on the Kann Max from 2.5mm, 3.5mm or 4.4mm sizes.

To pamper the ears of audiophiles Kann Max brings Quad DAC ES9038Q2M from the manufacturer ESS. The DAC is useful for ensuring the sound output is as clear as possible and without distortion. In addition, Kann Maxx supports high-resolution audio files up to 32-bit 768kHz.

The Astell&Kern Kann Max will also support streaming high-resolution audio to wireless TWS relying on a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. This wireless connectivity supports the 24-bit aptX HD codec from Qualcomm and LDAC.

As a digital portable music player, the Astell&Kern Kann Max is equipped with 64GB of internal storage space. If it’s lacking, users can increase their storage space up to 1TB capacity using a microSD memory card.

Kann Max has also brought the Teraton Alpha Sound Solution technology from Astell & Kern. This technology allows portable music players from Astell&Kern to produce sound that is as close to the original as possible by utilizing noise reduction, sound reinforcement and more efficient power consumption. So, don’t be surprised if the 5600 mAh battery it carries is claimed to be used for up to about 13 hours to play music without stopping.

Price Astell & Kern Kann Max

Astell&Kern Kann Max will be available in mid-June 2022. The price of Astell&Kern Kann Max is US$1300.


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