ASUS announced the presence of the ASUS MD100 Portable Silent Wireless Mouse. This very beautiful and compact mouse is presented to accompany user productivity while working or studying. Ideal for pairing with the trendy ASUS ZenBook or VivoBook laptops.

ASUS MD100 Features

ASUS MD100 comes with a weight of less than 60 grams. Body length is only about 3 cm. So, very easy to grip the hand. This mouse relies on an optical sensor with three sensitivity settings options, namely 800, 1000, and 1600 DPI.

The design of this mouse is also tough. The buttons are claimed to be able to last up to about 10 million clicks. The durability is 3 times longer when compared to other traditional office mice. The buttons are also very quiet and almost no clicking sound.

Another interesting ASUS MD100 feature is the AntiBacterial Guard coating. This mouse has received ISO 22196:2011 certification which measures bacterial activity on plastic and other solid surfaces.

From third-party lab testing, the coating is scientifically proven to be able to reduce bacterial growth up to 99 percent within 24 hours. The ASUS AntiBacterial Guard coating will help keep the mouse surface clean and hygienic, while reducing the spread of harmful bacteria through contact with human hands.

For connectivity, ASUS MD100 is equipped with dual wireless technology. This means, this mouse can be connected relying on 2.4GHz wifi and also Bluetooth. Users also don’t have to worry about battery life. Relying on AA batteries ASUS MD100 can be used up to about 12 months.

ASUS MD100 price

If interested, ASUS MD100 is now available in Indonesia. The price of the ASUS MD100 is USD $35. For color choices, the ASUS MD100 is available with a variety of cheerful color choices, namely Quiet Blue, Solar Blue, Lilac Mist Purple and also Brave Green.

If you are bored with the color you also don’t need to worry. Carrying the magnetic top cover feature, users are allowed to remove the body cover to change to another color. In the sales package, ASUS also provides an extra top cover with a different color. So, the appearance can be adjusted to the user’s mood or the conditions around where the user works.


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