ASUS ROG recently announced the presence of ROG AZOTH, its first 75 percent wireless gaming keyboard with a unique gasket mounting design. Carrying mechanical switches, the keyboard has an interesting feature in the form of an OLED screen and noise-canceling foam.


In a press release received by alomaki, ASUS explained that the ROG AZOTH features 10 silicone gaskets and three-layer foam dampers to provide a softer sensation and smoother acoustics. The silicone pads are 3.5mm thick, and are claimed to be durable to keep noise at bay.

In addition, there is also PORON foam which functions to reduce ping and echo from inside the keyboard. The base of the keyboard uses silicone foam which, in addition to eliminating echo, also creates a flat PORON foam surface.

No less interesting, the ASUS ROG AZOTH is equipped with a 2-inch OLED screen to display keyboard status, caps lock, connection mode, to the PC/Mac mode indicator. Gamers can view various information such as remaining battery, multimedia info, customizable animations, as well as system parameters such as CPU temperature. Intuitive adjustment of tweaks and settings can be made via a three-way control knob and one button.

This keyboard relies on ROG NX mechanical switches with lubricated stem and base housing, thus offering a smoother click sensation. The switch can also be exchanged pairs as desired. ASUS has also added a customized ROG keyboard stabilizer to produce less friction. Long keys such as Spacebar, Shift and Enter will give the sensation of an original switch.

There are several connection modes available, including ROG SpeedNova technology which is promised to be stable with almost zero latency in RF 2.4 GHz mode (provided that RGB and OLED are turned off), Bluetooth mode which allows the keyboard to connect to three different devices simultaneously, as well as wired mode.

In the sales package, ROG AZOTH immediately provides Krytox GPL-205-GD0 lubricant, three additional switches, keycaps and switch pullers, switch openers, and a lubricant rack for switches.


It’s a shame that ASUS hasn’t announced the price for the ASUS ROG AZOTH.


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