ASUS ROG officially brought ASUS ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition to the market. This exclusive limited edition gaming smartphone is available for BATMAN fans, mobile gamers and collectors, who want a ‘crime fighting’ experience with the superhero.

Created from a slick collaboration between ASUS ROG, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, and DC,
ASUS ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition is inspired by the figure of a superhero protecting Gotham City. Comes with a unique design, featuring the cape crusader in a mysterious atmosphere.

Even more interesting, the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition was released complete with a series of unique and collectible accessories, including the Bat-Signal Projector, Batman Aero casing with a special finish, as well as a specially designed travel case to store the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition and its accessories.

This smartphone comes with a 6.78 inch AMOLED screen which is protected with Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™. The kitchen is available in two ‘fierce’ processor options, namely
Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 and MediaTek Dimensity 9000+.

Slick Design with Exclusive Themes

ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition comes with a look and feel, uniquely designed to bring the dark and mysterious feel of BATMAN in its actions fighting crime in Gotham City. The body of this smartphone is wrapped in Night Black color.

Yes! The color has a special coating that when it catches the light will mimic a
cloudy night sky through the spotlight. Meanwhile, the special luminous Aura RGB logo features an outline of a bat emblem that anyone will instantly recognize.

This gaming smartphone is also equipped with BATMAN edition wallpapers and redesigned application icon frames. While the device is charging, there are exclusive sounds and animations incorporated with BATMAN themed elements.

It doesn’t stop there, the touch of BATMAN can also be seen on the in-display fingerprint icon which is customized again by ASUS ROG. Users can unlock their device by tapping on the famous yellow BATMAN emblem.

Collectable Accessories

As a special edition gaming smartphone, ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition is equipped with a number of unique accessories that are worth collecting. The first is the Bat-Signal Projector, which allows fans to perform exciting actions projecting the Bat-Signal to summon the superhero.

Interestingly, this LED-based Bat-Signal Projector can also project one of two versions of the Bat-Signal onto the nearest surface, such as a wall at home and is powered by a USB-C cable connected to ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition.

Then there are also other accessories in the form of the BATMAN Aero Case which will protect the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition from impacts. The case features geometric relief of the Bat emblem, layered for a 3D effect.

What also makes this case attractive to BATMAN fans is that ASUS ROG managed to concoct the inside of the case which is printed with a special ‘easter egg’ in the form of an image inspired by the Batman picture novel.

Even the SIM card eject tool is worth collecting as it is designed in the shape of a Bat and has a Gotham City-inspired holder. This Batman Ejector Pin was carefully designed by ASUS ROG so it deserves to be included in your memorabilia collection.

To store smartphones and accessories, ASUS ROG also provides a special storage bag designed like a weapon box. This case is water-resistant and made of tough, shock-resistant polypropylene (EPP) material. On the cover is an embossed BATMAN logo.

Invincible Power

The kitchen runway for ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition is identical to the ROG Phone 6 series which has been recognized for excellence and unmatched gaming performance. With the choice of Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 and MediaTek Dimensity 9000+, users will experience the same powerful experience.

With Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1, users will achieve amazing clock speeds, up to 3.2 GHz. This ferocious power comes from 15% better CPU performance and 20% better power efficiency than its predecessor on ROG Phone 5.

This gaming smartphone already uses 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage.
For longer use, the ASUS ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition already uses a massive dual 3000mAh battery with MMT design, bringing the total to 6000mAh.

Smartphone users will also get a 65-watt USB Power Delivery HyperCharge adapter. Yes! ASUS ROG claims that this adapter can be used to recharge faster, which is 100 percent in just 42 minutes.

Meanwhile, its performance is also supported by GameCool 6 cooling technology which has been upgraded to cool the CPU from various directions, namely with three different approaches. It aims to increase stability when playing games.

The first is a Boron Nitride (BN) thermal compound on one side, to reduce thermal throttling when playing games for a short duration. Second, an enlarged steam chamber and graphite sheet to dissipate heat from the other side. Third, the use of AeroActive Cooler 6.

If users want to take advantage of the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition to take photos or record videos, this gaming smartphone is equipped with a 12MP front camera that uses a SONY IMX663 sensor and a rear camera formation of 50 MP and 13 MP ultra-wide (SONY IMX766).

Pricing and Availability

ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition is available with a 12GB/256GB Night Black variant at a price of USD $960,99. Customers can order this gaming smartphone through a pre-order offer from 25 to 30 December 2022.


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