In 2023 the ROG Strix G-Series line is officially updated with Intel processor options. The first two models announced were the ROG Strix G16 and Strix G18.

Features of ASUS ROG Strix G16 and Strix G18

Previously, in 2022 the ROG Strix G-series line all used AMD processors. Meanwhile, the Intel version is in the ROG Strix Scar line. With the Intel Core processor option, this year’s Strix G-series line is even more complete.

ASUS ROG Strix G16 and Strix G18 come with the same design. The only difference between the two is the screen size of 16 inches and 18 inches. Both come with the ROG Nebula Display screen. There are two screen resolution options. Among them are QHD+ resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:10 and a refresh rate of 240 Hz. For a more economical version, it uses a Full HD + resolution screen with a refresh rate of 165 Hz.

The color accuracy of the screen supports 100% DCI-P3 color coverage for QHD+ panels. Meanwhile, FHD+ panels only support 100% sRGB color coverage. Even so, the two panels already support Dolby Vision, G-Sync and have received Pantone Validated certification.

So what’s the difference between ROG Strix Scar 16 and Strix Scar 18 ? The difference is that the ASUS ROG Strix G16 and Strix G18 carry IPS-Level panel technology. ROG Strix 16 and Strix 18 use mini LED screen panel technology.

The good news is that the ROG Strix G16 and Strix G18 are quite on par with the ROG Strix Scar 16 and Strix Scar 18. The fastest variant will use an Intel Core i9-13980HX processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card with a 175W TGP.

Even though the processor and graphics card used are the same, the RAM and SSD configurations for the ROG Strix G-series are different. This laptop only supports up to 32GB of DDR5 4800 MHz RAM and a PCIe 4.0 SSD with a capacity of up to 2TB. ROG Strix Scar 16 and Strix Scar 18 can accommodate RAM up to 64GB and SSD up to 4TB.

Another ROG Strix G16 and Strix G18 feature is support for a full-sized Tri-Fan cooling system that relies on three cooling fans, Thunderbolt 4, HDMI 2.1 and a keyboard with the Aura Sync RGB feature.

Price and availability

There is no further information on when and how much the ROG Strix G16 and Strix G18 will cost on the market.


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