ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) announced the arrival of the ASUS ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM gaming monitor. With a size of 27 inches, this monitor offers a high refresh rate and super fast response time for a more satisfying gaming experience.

Specifications for ASUS ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM

In a press release received by Alomaki, Friday (18/3), it was explained that the ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM has a QHD resolution, aka 2560 x 1440. The refresh rate is relatively high, namely 240Hz, with a response time of 0.03ms.

ASUS also incorporates compatibility with NVIDIA G-Sync to produce tear-free visuals. In addition, this monitor has a brightness level of up to 1,000 nits, 99% DCI-P3 Gamut, Delta E < 2 color accuracy, 1,500,000:1 contrast ratio, and 10-bit color depth.

To ensure long service life, ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM is supported by a special heatsink and a new internal layout for optimal cooling. The heat dissipation is claimed to be more evenly distributed on the back of the monitor, with an average temperature that is 5% lower than the monitor.

Thanks to the heatsink and intelligent voltage optimization technology, ASUS promises gamers won’t have to worry about OLED burn-in. In addition, the uniform brightness setting helps to overcome the problem of auto brightness limiter (ABL), so that the screen does not suddenly darken when the size of a bright application window changes.

The Swift OLED PG27AQDM appears with a new design that is more futuristic and sleek. This monitor is also equipped with a tripod socket at the top of the monitor for attaching a webcam. Gamers are also presented with connectivity options such as one DisplayPort 1.4 port, two HDMI 2.0 ports, and a USB hub.


For information on price availability for the ASUS ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM gaming monitor, please visit the following link


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