Along with the Computex 2023 annual event, ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) also introduced a number of its newest hardware innovations to consumers. Not only gaming laptops, but ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 and a new keyboard.

Yes, from the name, you must have guessed that the hardware is a graphics card, aka GPU—generally embedded in a PC for the best performance. The RTX 4090 GPU itself was first launched by NVIDIA in September 2022. Through the ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090, ASUS offers the highest out-of-the-box boost clock among the other RTX 4090 customization variants.

To ensure high performance, ASUS has also embedded special cooling technology on the GPU in collaboration with the latest NVIDIA. Complementing this hardware, ROG Strix Scope II 96 is also available, a wireless gaming keyboard that has the latest ROG NX Snow switches. Appears in a concise design and is able to provide impressive keystroke consistency.

ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 Incorporates Exclusive Range of Components

ASUS stated that the ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 GPU is sold in limited quantities. Looking futuristic, ASUS presents a new feature from ROG, which is a liquid metal thermal compound on the graphics card. It is known to produce much lower temperatures than traditional thermal pastes.

To prevent risks such as electrical current, device components are specifically designed to be safe, while allowing the GPU to be mounted vertically. Using other materials such as UV resin and additional layers in the main PCB area, ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 can ensure optimal heat transfer to molten metal without any risk of leakage. Apart from special components, there is also a 360 mm thick radiator which is still supported by three ROG MF-12S ARGB fans.

ASUS also mentioned that the installation and cable management process was much easier, requiring only one cable for three fans with ARGB lighting effects. The fans on the ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 are able to maintain operating temperatures at 60 degrees Celsius under TGP 450W, with fan RPMs below 1000. The cold plate on this GPU also eliminates the need for additional fans—as in most AIO liquid-cooled GPUs including the ROG Strix LC.

This flagship class graphics card is also supported by a number of special software. Like ASUS GPU Tweak III which can provide real-time details on the performance of the ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 as well as detect device anomalies and more. Meanwhile, the Dual BIOS switch allows users to easily switch between Quiet and Performance modes.

ASUS itself hasn’t mentioned the price for the ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090. For information, the previous GPU, which was released in 2019 with the RTX 2080 Ti, was priced around USD 1,900 or around Rp. 28 million. Of course, the price of this component will be much more expensive.

ASUS’s New Compact Gaming Keyboard with ROG NX Snow Switch

As the name implies, this new ASUS gaming keyboard looks concise, has a layout conformity of 96% but with all the function keys and the same number keys on a full-sized keyboard (100%). Of the wireless type, the ASUS ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless can connect to three different devices via a Bluetooth connection, or use 2.4GHz RF complete with ROG SpeedNova and Omni Receiver.

The keys on this keyboard use pre-lubed ROG NX Snow mechanical switches, claim to be easy to swap, have a keystroke that should be linear, and the keys are more stable. The sound of the keyboard itself can be muffled by means of foam and default switch silencer pads. There are multifunction buttons and scroll for media playback and other controls, including the F1-F5 buttons which can be changed as hotkeys.

Through ROG SpeedNova wireless technology, this gaming keyboard is claimed to be able to be used stably and smoothly for more than 1500 hours, with close to zero latency. Like the ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090, ASUS also hasn’t mentioned the price of this newest accessory. Even so, it is predicted to be cheaper than other series such as the ROG Azoth which reaches USD$249.


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