To take entertainment anywhere, ASUS released the ZenBeam L2 portable projector . Thanks to the series of innovations it brought, this projector won the CES Innovation Award honoree at the CES 2023 event.

Features of ASUS ZenBeam L2

ZenBeam L2 comes with very compact dimensions. Relying on LED technology with a brightness level of 600 lumens, this projector can produce visuals up to 40 inches in size from a distance of 1 meter. So, it can be used in a small room size. Meanwhile, for a large display up to 120 inches can be obtained from a distance of about 3 meters.

You don’t have to worry about the sound system. This is because the ZenBeam L2 is equipped with a 10W speaker from the manufacturer Harman/Kardon. Four sound modes are also available including movie, gaming, music and outdoor. Equipped with a Bluetooth connection, the ZenBeam L2 can also be used as a portable speaker when connected to a smartphone.

To make it easier for users, ZenBeam L2 is equipped with a sensor to shorten the time for setting the image that appears on the wall. Relying on the ZenBeam L2 focus sensor, it can measure the distance to the wall. Then, image sharpness and distortion will be adjusted automatically. These settings can be done in just about 3 seconds.

Other features on this projector include Chromecast support to make it easier to stream content from smartphones or tablets, a USB Type-C port with DisplayPort function, and the Light Wall feature. This feature can display 26 different contents to allow you to turn any wall into a virtual window. Suitable to sweeten the room to appear more aesthetic.

As a portable projector, the ZenBeam L2 is powered by a rechargeable battery. This battery can be used for about 3 hours in Eco mode. Enough to watch one movie content anytime and anywhere.

Price for ASUS ZenBeam L2

Even though it has been announced, there is no further information on when and at what price the ASUS ZenBeam L2 will be on the market.


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