Atari 2600+ officially announced. Through this game console, gamers can reminisce about games and retro consoles from Atari, which were very popular at that time.

Atari 2600+ specs

The 2600+ is the reincarnation of the 2600 console which was released in 1977. The classic design has been maintained. The touch of the wood panel on the front, the color, and the buttons are still exactly the same as the original version.

The difference can be seen from the dimensions and specifications. The modern version is about 20% more compact than the original version. The specifications have also been updated. Using the Rockchip 3128 chipset with 256MB DDR3 RAM and 256MB eMMC storage space. In the connectivity sector, there is an HDMI port and a Type-C port.

To evoke nostalgia, this console is supported by a 10-in-1 game cassette containing popular retro games. Such as Adventure, Combat, Dodge ‘Em, Haunted House, Maze Craze, Missile Command, RealSports Volleyball, Surround, Video Pinball, and Yars’ Revenge.

Most interestingly, gamers can still play old Atari 2600 and 7800 game cassettes. In fact, this console carries a CX40+ joystick and a CX30+ paddle controller whose specifications are made exactly the same as the original version.

Price Atari 2600+

If you are interested in taking it home, you only need to prepare funds of US $ 129.99 or around 1.9 million Rupiah.

First impression

This game console is not to compete with other modern game consoles such as Xbox and Playstation . By still maintaining the original design, being able to play old game tapes, and the price is relatively cheap, this console can definitely be a medicine for the longing of its fans.


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