To create a cinema-style entertainment space in your home, BenQ presents the TK860i projector . This smart projector supports output at 4K resolution and exclusive HDR-PRO technology.

BenQ TK860i specifications

TK860i can display visuals in 4K resolution against a wall up to a maximum size of 150 inches from a distance of about 3.8-4.9 meters. From a distance of 2.5-3.3 meters you can still get a view of about 100 inches. Enough for the size of the room that is not too big. The 1.3x zoom feature is also supported. That way, it can be easier to adjust to various room sizes.

Two excellent features of the TK860i is the level of brightness and color accuracy. This projector supports a maximum screen brightness level of up to 3300 lumens. So, don’t abstain from bright room lighting.

HDR PRO technology support is also available. The HDR technology developed by BenQ is claimed to be able to present visuals with more accurate colors and better contrast for a cinematic experience like a cinema screen.

Its color accuracy supports the Rec color coverage standard. 709 98%. This projector also provides 11 levels of color temperature setting options to support more accurate color adjustments. In addition, there is an Enhance Tone Mapping option with Active Iris and Dynamic Black technology to boost contrast in darker areas.

As a smart projector, TK860i already runs the Android TV operating system. So, users can add various content streaming applications such as NetFlix, Disney Hotstar or Prime Video. Google Chromecast is also available to make it easier to share screen views from smartphones or tablets.

This projector also has two integrated speakers with a 5W output from the treVolo manufacturer. So, there is no need for additional external speakers.

BenQ TK860i price

TK860i will be available in the European market first with a selling price of around US$2000 or around 29 Million Rupiah.

First impression

Supporting screen brightness levels of up to 3300 lumens TK80i has indeed managed to steal our attention. BenQ isn’t skimpy on features either. The presence of exclusive HDR PRO technology and support for displays up to 150 inches at 4K resolution, this projector is clearly capable of presenting visuals that are pleasing to the eye. 


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