Gaming and esport peripheral manufacturer, BenQ officially introduced its newest gaming monitor from the Zowie XL line. Where the Zowie XL2566K series monitor comes with TN 360Hz DyAc+™ technology.

Armed with DyAc+™ technology, the Zowie XL2566K gaming monitor can have a 360Hz refresh rate on the TN display panel. As a result, this monitor offers smoothness and fast response optimized for competitive gamers.

The DyAc+™ technology in the XL2566K makes extreme in-game actions like spraying clearer than its predecessors. For FPS games, of course this monitor can help gamers to see the bullet trajectory more clearly, so it can help with recoil control and aim.

DyAc+ Featured on Zowie XL2566K

“Compared to a typical 360Hz IPS screen, DyAc+ on a 360Hz TN panel can provide a clearer and sharper outline of the overall moving image, helping gamers to focus and reducing distractions from unwanted afterimages in games,” wrote BenQ in a statement, Wednesday. (2/11/2022).

The new Zowie XL2566K monitor also inherits the advantages of the XL-K series. Which provides user comfort with various features that can be customized, such as the use of a smaller base to setting the screen height to get more space when playing games.

Other features such as monitor settings according to the convenience of viewing angles and needs. Including the latest XL Setting to Share software that can load save video profiles quickly and share more conveniently, through a simple interface.

ZOWIE is dedicated to creating tools that allow gamers to focus on what matters most, their performance in the game. “We will continue to do so, continue to strive for perfection.”


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