Benro broke the world of photography. Its newest product, Theta, is the most sophisticated tripod with a series of smart features that cannot be found on any tripod.

Benro Theta features

Theta is included in the travel tripod category . So, the design is compact and lightweight for easy portability. The legs are made of carbon fiber material. Meanwhile, the head or head uses aluminum material. Benro also designed the head section with an automatic locking system. So, photographers can remove the camera more quickly and easily.

The difference between Theta and a tripod is generally in the line of complementary smart modules. These modules are sold separately. Theta brings four additional modules. Among them are battery modules, camera control modules, “GoLive” modules and optical sensor modules.

Each module has a different function. The battery module carries the auto-leveling or automatic leveling feature. So, wherever Theta is placed with just a push of a button the legs can immediately make automatic adjustments to ensure even image shots. In addition, this battery module can also function as a power bank to recharge camera batteries in emergencies.

The camera control module offers live view functionality, camera settings, and a shutter button for remote shooting. In addition, this module also allows photographers to transfer photos to a smartphone or tablet that is connected via Bluetooth or WiFi.

The third module, GoLive, as the name implies, this module can function to support live streaming activities to various compatible platforms. Finally, the optical sensor module will be useful to make it easier to take timelapse photos. Relying on an optical sensor matrix and a gyroscope when attached to the camera, this module can detect ambient lighting and accurately make automatic camera settings.

Bentro Theta is available in two versions. The standard version weighs around 1.3 Kg. This version can hold up to 11 Kg of camera and lens weight. When folded it is about 41 cm long. For larger sizes is the Max version. This version weighs 1.49 kg with the ability to hold the camera and lens weight up to 20 kg. When folded the length of the body is about 45 cm.

Price Benro Theta

Benro plans to open pre-orders for Theta in February 2023. The price for the standard version of Theta is US$350 and the Max version is US$399. The prices for the modules start at US$50 for the battery and optical sensor modules. Meanwhile, the GoLive module and camera controls cost US$99.


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