The Casio G-Shock family is growing. The latest model, the G-Shock B-001, is the first to carry a modular concept and is equipped with a Bluetooth connection.

Features of Casio G-Shock GA-B001

This watch will be available in four color options. Among them, red, black, transparent black a combination of red and transparent blue a combination of black. All four look very futuristic with a geometric dial design and rounded timepieces.

The modular concept is inspired by the virtual reality world. The modular design can be seen in the bezel and strap which are integrated and can be removed. With the latest design, this watch is also claimed to be more fitting in the hand when used.

The good news, even though it carries a modular concept, its toughness remains the same as other G-Shock watches . Including, shockproof design and is water resistant up to 200 meters. Standard features such as automatic calendar, automatic time setting, LED backlit Super Illuminator and 38 world time zones are also supported.

Bluetooth connection to connect to a smartphone is also available. Through its supporting applications, users can adjust time settings, get notifications and make updates.

Price of Casio G-Shock GA-B001

The price of the Casio G-Shock GA-B001 starts from US$130. This watch is planned to be available on the market in September 2022.


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