Welcoming the arrival of the Mortal Combat film, Caviar, launched the luxury iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max Mortal Combat edition. There are three models recorded, each inspired by the hero in the film.

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Mortal Combat design

All three models come with titanium material. The first model was inspired by the Scorpion character. In this model, the back panel of the iPhone is decorated with the Scorpion main weapon. The material used is titanium coated with a gold PVD coating. In addition, there are also decorative elements for the skull made of fiberglass and resin.

The second model is inspired by the character Shao Kahn. In this model, Caviar presents Shao Kahn’s throne chair design made of titanium with a composite material base. Caviar also added skull elements and Win’s inscription in gold-plated titanium to symbolize Shao Kahn’s Warhammer weapon.

Finally, Caviar presents the character Shang Tsung, who is the final enemy in the Mortal Kombat game. The rear panel design of this model is not as striking as the previous two models with a touch of gold.

It looks more minimalist with dark gray color. The material used is still the same, namely titanium with a PVD coating. What looks special in this model is the skull element wrapped around a snake. The eyes of the two snakes were made of emerald. Meanwhile, the words “Your Soul is Mine” are made to glow in the dark.

Price of Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Mortal Combat

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Mortal Combat is now available via the Caviar website. The three of them are limited to only 99 units. For the price of the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Mortal Combat starting from US $6140.


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