Wireless microphones are nothing new. However, the Comica CVM-VM30 managed to become the world’s first wireless microphone shotgun. What’s the sophistication like?

Comica CVM-VM30 specifications

The CVM-VM30 offers a completely wireless connection. That is, users do not need to add additional modules or accessories. To make a shotgun microphone wireless, an additional wireless module is usually required as a transmitter. This is what makes the CVM-VM30 different. This microphone is directly equipped with a 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter module.

The wireless connection is quite promising. The CVM-VM30 can be connected up to 100 meters outdoors. Meanwhile, indoors the distance is about 20 meters. The latency level is also low. Just under 20 milliseconds. So, you can be sure there will be no delay between the sound and the recorded image.

The CVM-VM30 can record audio at 24-bit resolution with a 48KHz sampling rate. Adopting a cardioid pattern, this microphone focuses on capturing sound from the front and reducing distracting background sounds.

For clearer audio recording, the boost mode feature is available. In this mode, users can trim or filter sound at low frequencies so that audio recordings are more detailed and clear when recording at high frequencies.

Another advantage is that the CVM-VM30 can be compatible with almost all devices. Including, cameras and smartphones. This microphone also supports digital and analog output via the 3.5mm port.

Another feature in the receiver and microphone module is that there is a screen to make monitoring easier. The microphone uses an OLED screen and the receiver module uses an IPS screen. The screen can display status signals, audio mode, battery power, and much more in real time .

For battery life, the CVM-VM30 can be used for up to 7 hours. Classified as durable for a wireless microphone. To recharge, you can use the Type-C port.

Comica CVM-VM30 price

The Comica CVM-VM30 is currently available and retails for US$189 or around 2.8 million Rupiah.

First impression

Carrying CVM-VM30’s completely wireless connectivity is indeed more practical. Audio recording capabilities are also qualified. The most interesting thing is that this microphone is compatible with almost all devices. So, you can rely on it for professional or amateur needs.


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