There are various models of portable SSDs available in the market today. However, the Corsair EX100U managed to steal the show with its sleek minimalist design and enormous capacity.

Corsair EX100U Features

This SSD comes with dimensions of 79mm x 37mm x 11mm. Smaller than credit card size. So, it is very space-saving and can easily fit into a pocket.

Although the size is very small, the capacity offered is large. There are four capacity options available. Among them are 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and the largest is 4TB. Then how about the performance? Relying on the USB Type-C Gen2 x 2 port, this SSD is able to record sequential read performance of up to 1600 MB/s. Meanwhile, the sequential write speed can be up to 1500 MB / sec. This fast performance is ideal for supporting saving high-resolution photo and video files, supporting the photo video editing process, and even being used to install games. So, it can be an option for gamers, professionals and content creators.

Another feature on this SSD can be found a cover cover to protect the USB Type-C port. For compatibility , the Corsair EX100U is compatible and can be used directly on Windows PC systems, Macs and consoles.

Price and availability

If interested, the Corsair EX100U is sold at prices starting at US $ 102.99 for a 1TB capacity, US $184.99 for a 2TB capacity, and the most expensive 4TB capacity at a price of US $464.99.


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