Keyboard with a slim design does look very aesthetic. But, not necessarily comfortable to use. The solution Corsair presents the K100 Air .

Features of Corsair K100 Air

The K100 Air is Corsair ‘s slimmest wireless mechanical gaming keyboard . The body design carries aluminum material. So, it looks very premium and minimalistic.

As a mechanical gaming keyboard, the K100 Air is supported by Cherry MX Ultra Low Profiles mechanical switches. There are no other switch options. This switch is claimed to be comfortable to use for gaming and productivity. The same switch can also be found on the Corsair K60 RGB Pro Low Profile keyboard .

To highlight its gaming aura, the K100 Air is equipped with an RGB lighting system. The RGB lighting color output can be adjusted according to the user’s taste. In addition, there is support for four customizable macro buttons. Gamers can save up to 50 macro profiles according to their needs and the game they are playing.

In the connectivity sector, the K100 Air carries a 2.4GHz Slipstream Wireless connection and low latency Bluetooth. In wireless mode, the battery can last up to 200 hours. If the RGB lights are active the battery can last up to 50 hours. This keyboard can be connected to multiple devices such as PCs, tablets, laptops and other devices at the same time. Switching between devices can also be done by pressing one button.

Price and availability

The K100 Air is planned to be available on the market in October 2022. There is no further information on how much the Corsair K100 Air will cost in the market.


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