In the workstation laptop line, Dell is preparing the Precision 5480/5680 in 2023. Both offer very fast performance and a compact body design. Ideal for content creators and creative professionals on the move.

Dell Precision 5480/5680 specifications

The difference between the two is in the screen sector. The Precision 5480 has a 14-inch screen and the Precision 5680 has a 16-inch screen. For screen options available, the Precision 5480 provides a choice with a 16:10 screen panel with FHD+ or QHD+ resolution with 100% sRGB color coverage and a brightness level of 500 nits. An option with a touch screen is also available. Meanwhile, the Precision 5680 can be configured with Full HD+ screen resolution options or with a 4K OLED touch screen panel that supports 100% Adobe RGB and 99% DCI-P3.

Switching to the performance sector, the Precision 5480/5680 will be powered by an Intel Core 13th Gen processor . Available processor options up to Intel Core i9-13900H vPro paired with 64GB RAM. For storage space, there is an SSD with a capacity of up to 4TB. So, there is no need for the storage space to run out quickly.

The difference between the two is in the graphics card configuration. The Precision 5480 is available with Nvidia professional grade gpu options up to the RTX A3000 Ada. If it’s not fast enough, the Precision 5680 can be an option with a graphics card option up to RTX 5000. For energy intake, the Precision 5480 carries a battery with a capacity of 72Whr. Precision 5680 with 99.5Whr battery. The current largest battery capacity for laptops.

Dell Precision 5480/5680 Price

The Dell Precision 5480/5680 is planned to be available on the market in April 2023. Even though it has been announced, there is no further information on the selling price of these two laptops.


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