The euphoria of computing devices with 11th Generation Intel Core processors is still continuing. However, Dell overtook its competitors by announcing the XPS Desktop powered by a 12th Gen Intel Core processor.

Dell XPS Desktop Specifications

According to Dell, the XPS Desktop is its first fastest desktop PC to date. Perfect for gamers and professional content creators.

Specifications Dell XPS Desktop comes with processor options up to Intel Core i9-12900K. The graphics sector is entrusted to graphics card options from Nvidia and AMD manufacturers. For Nvidia graphics cards are available up to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 option. Meanwhile, for AMD Radeon the options are available up to the Radeon 6900XT.

To compensate for the fast processor, the Dell XPS Desktop brings support for the latest generation of RAM, namely DDR5. Compared to DDR4 RAM, DDR5 supports a clock speed that is 50% faster. The RAM configuration it supports is up to 128GB. In addition, this PC system also supports PCIe Gen5.

For maximum performance, Dell designed the XPS Desktop case with improved air circulation. The bezel on the front of the body panel is designed to be able to suck air. Then, the air will flow to the back of the body.

Meanwhile, for the cooling system XPS Desktop is the first XPS desktop PC that carries a liquid-based cooling system. With the innovative casing design and cooling system, XPS Desktop is claimed to be cooler and quieter than desktop PCs with conventional cooling systems.

Dell XPS Desktop Price

The Dell XPS Desktop is available in Night Sky Black and Platinum Silver. The price of the Dell XPS Desktop starts from US $920 or around 13 Million Rupiah depending on the specifications. The sales package is included with Windows 11.


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