Premium audio manufacturer Devialet released its first soundbar. This soundbar called Dione comes with a unique design and supports Dolby Atmos.

Fitur Devialet Dion

Dione comes with a fairly large dimension. Naturally, considering this soundbar carries 17 speaker drivers with a total output of 950W RMS. This includes eight custom-made Devialet subwoofers and nine full range drivers. As a result, Dione is claimed to be able to produce powerful bass. No need to use additional separate subwoofer.

The center of this soundbar steals the most attention. Devialet embeds a spherical speaker called Orb. Orb can rotate to adjust the orientation of Dione relying on the gyroscope sensor. So, wherever Dione is placed, this center speaker can automatically produce the right sound.

To deliver a more immersive audio experience, Dione is supported by the Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 feature. The Advanced Dimensional Experience (ADE) feature is also present. This feature relies on beamforming technology to automatically optimize the surround sound signal to listeners in front of it.

Dione is powered by a chipset from the manufacturer Qualcomm. This chipset is useful for supporting a variety of smart features it brings. Such as room calibration, AVL (Adaptive Volume Level) and SPACE. AVL can automatically adjust the volume to help you hear dialogue more clearly while watching movies. Meanwhile, SPACE can boost stereo sound to make it sound more real.

Price and availability

This premium soundbar is already available in Indonesia. If interested, the price of Devialet Dione is USD $3,109.


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