Good news for FPV drone enthusiasts. This is because DJI has just launched the O3 Air Unit. This device is a camera module specially designed for FPV drones.

Features of the DJI O3 Air Unit

The design is very compact and light. To take pictures, this camera relies on a 1/1.7-inch sensor that can record video up to 4K 60p resolution with a 155-degree wide-angle lens.

The O3 Air Unit is compatible with FPV DJI Goggles. Relying on DJI 03+ System transmission technology, this camera module can transmit images to pilots at Full HD 1080p 100 fps resolution from a distance of up to 10 km with a latency level of only 30 milliseconds.

In addition, the O3 Air Unit also carries anti-interference technology. This technology allows the 03 Air Unit to choose the best signal frequency so that the connection to the pilot is not interrupted.

To suit user needs, the Canvas mode is available. This mode allows users to adjust the display on the screen according to their individual tastes. For compatibility, the Air Unit can be used with DJI Goggles 2, FPV Goggles V2, and FPV Remote Controller 2.

Price and availability

The O3 Air Unit is currently available and priced at US$229. The package consists of one camera module, transmitting module, antenna and 3-in-1 cable. This price is cheaper when compared to the GoPro HERO10 Black Bones which offers a similar concept with a selling price of US $ 500.


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