DJI’s Osmo Mobile line of smartphone gimbals has been updated again. Osmo Mobile 6 (OM6) now comes with a more ergonomic design and brings a series of new, more sophisticated features.

Features of DJI Osmo Mobile 6

OM 6 is an improved version of the previous OM 5 . The design is exactly the same. Includes a mount with a magnetic system that can be easily removed and attached.

However, the grip has been updated. OM 6 grip design is more ergonomic. The clamp section is also enlarged. So, OM6 can support the use of smartphones with larger screens.

OM 6 is also still equipped with an extension rod that can function as a selfie stick. One new feature that can be found in the OM 6 is the rotary control knob. Its function can be to control zoom or focus. The button only needs to be pressed to switch from zoom control mode to focus.

Then, to make it easier for users on OM 6, a small LCD screen can now be found. The screen can display the battery indicator and the current mode.

OM 6 is getting even more exciting by being the first to be supported by ActiveTrack 5.0 technology. Thanks to this feature, the OM 6 allows the smartphone camera to lock onto the subject and ensure that the subject remains in the frame. Even if shooting is done while moving. For shooting modes in OM 6, there are four main modes, namely Follow, Tilt Lock, FPV, and SpinShot. Other additional modes include Timelapse, DynamicZoom, Gesture Control, Panorama and Story Mode.

Price DJI Osmo Mobile 6

If interested, the price of the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is US $159.


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