After being introduced in March 2022, Dyson has now officially announced the presence of the Dyson Zone . These are state-of-the-art headphones equipped with ANC (Active Noise Canceling) and air purifying features.

Dyson Zone features

Dyson Zone headphones are designed to address two challenges. Among them city noise and air pollution simultaneously. To clean the air in each earcup, the Dyson Zone is equipped with a compressor. The compressor feeds air through a dual-layer filter and projects two streams of purified air to the user’s nose and mouth through a removable non-contact visor.

The electrostatic filter will capture 99% of particle pollution down to 0.1 micron2. Meanwhile, the potassium-enriched K-Carbon filter will capture acidic gases that are commonly associated with city pollution, including NO2 and SO2.

As a headphone, the Dyson Zone will provide an immersive audio experience with sound drivers that can produce detailed sound in the frequency range from 6 Hz-21 kHz. Most interestingly, these headphones also feature advanced active noise cancellation or ANC (Active Noise Canceling). The ANC feature is supported by eight microphones to reduce urban noise by up to 40 db with the ability to monitor ambient sounds as much as 384,000 times per second.

As for battery life, these headphones can be used for up to 50 hours in Audio mode. If the air purifying feature is active the battery can last up to 4 hours. This battery supports the fast charging feature and can be fully recharged in 3 hours via the USB-C port.

Price and availability

The Dyson Zone is planned to be available on the market starting in 2023 in certain markets. The launch time will vary depending on the location of the region and we will provide confirmation close to the time of product availability in each region.


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