Audio manufacturer Edifier announced the S1000W speaker. This bookshelf-style wireless speaker supports Hi-Res audio at a relatively low price in its class.

Features of Edifier S1000W

S1000W can produce a total sound output of up to 120 watts through the aluminum bass driver and tweeter it carries.

According to Edifier, the dome tweeter comes with a special design and carries titanium material. That way it can produce a better sound when compared to tweeters that use plastic materials. In addition, thanks to its sturdy design, it will help reduce the level of resonance so that it can produce a more powerful bass sound.

To boost the sound performance, the S1000W is equipped with Texas Instruments DSP chips. The chip is in charge of ensuring this speaker can produce clear, accurate and detailed sound. Supported by Hi-Res Audio technology, users are also possible to enjoy audio at 24bit/192kHz resolution.

In the connectivity sector besides WiFi, Bluetooth, OPT, COX and AUX connections are available. To make it easier for users, a remote control accessory is available to allow remote control. Or, through the navigation panel on the body.

Another interesting feature of this speaker is that it comes with Apple AirPlay 2 support and the Alexa virtual assistant. Users can also connect it to music streaming services such as Spotify and TIDAL Connect.

Price and availability

If interested, the price of the Edifier S1000W is US$449.99. These speakers can be obtained through the Edifier website .


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