Epson launches the Home Cinema 2350 Smart Gaming Projector. This projector can be a solution for gamers who want to create a gaming room with a very large image display.

Features of Epson Home Cinema 2350 Smart Gaming Projector

According to Epson, Cinema 2350 is still similar to the previous generation Cinema 2250. The difference is, Cinema 2350 brings several additional features that are more capable for gaming.

This projector can display visuals up to 500 inches in size. Supported by 3-chip 3LCD technology, gamers can enjoy visuals with accurate colors with 100% RGB color coverage standards. For gaming, Cinema 2359 supports a refresh rate of up to 129 Hz at Full HD 1080p resolution. The brightness level can be up to 2800 Lumens and it supports HDR10 and HLG features.

The Cinema 2350 is also Epson’s cheapest projector with support for 4K Resolution Enhancement Technology. Thanks to this technology, gamers can play games with sharper images with resolutions close to 4K. However, the compromise is that you can only play games with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

This projector can also be relied on for multimedia. Relying on Android TV and built-in 10W speakers, gamers can watch a collection of movies from popular streaming apps like Netflix. There is also a Bluetooth connection that can be used to connect to a gaming headset or TWS.

Price and availability

If interested, the price of the Epson Home Cinema 2350 is USD $1,299. It could be a cheaper alternative to the USD $3,999 Home Cinema LS11000 projector.


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