Epson Indonesia , Tuesday (31/1), introduced its newest printer, named Epson SurePress L-4733AW. This is a digital inkjet label printer designed with new features and technology to meet industry needs. like what?

Features of the Epson SurePress L-4733AW

In its press release, Epson explained that the SurePress L-4733AW comes with MicroPiezo printhead technology, which offers a variety of titan drop sizes to help control the volume of ink in each drop.

According to Epson, with this printer, businesses can print high-resolution labels up to 1440 dpi with good color consistency. The SurePress L-4733AW also provides finer adjustments to low-resolution images to produce smooth gradations.

The drying process has two stages, with a carriage fan and a heating fan which ensures optimal ink adhesion and resistance to smudges. What’s more interesting, the SurePress L-4733AW also has 3 new printing modes compared to the previous model, bringing the total to 6 modes.

The printing modes include a 4-pass option for printing 5 meters per minute, a 6-pass option for printing at 3.6 meters per minute and in white 4-pass and 6-pass color modes for 1.5 meters per minute. minute.

The SurePress L-4733AW is designed to allow users to easily switch from machining different widths to a wide range of substrate media sizes, from 80 to 320 micro. The Post Heater temperature control feature on the SurePress L-4733AW machine which is applied to heat sensitive substrates can be applied to produce quality labels according to business needs.

To minimize printer disruption and help business and protect printing machine investment to achieve long-term durability, Epson has developed several features on the Surepress L-4733AW machine, namely a foreign body sensor, a curl suppressor to reduce potential damage to the printhead and blower for ventilation and prevention of heat. excess.

Epson SurePress L-4733AW price

The Epson SurePress L-4733AW printer will be sold in Indonesia starting January 2023. For information about prices, business people can directly contact the nearest authorized Epson dealer.


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