Various AI- based services continue to emerge. The latest is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) product or intelligence called Firefly made by Adobe. Curious what are the sophistication? Here’s everything there is to know about Firefly.

1. What is Adobe FireFly?

This product is included in the AI ​​Art Generator category. That is, Firefly will change the text-based commands input by the user to be processed into image output.

Please note that AI itself has been adopted into several tools in previous Adobe software applications. For example, the Magic Wand and Content-Aware Fill tools in the Photoshop application. Both utilize basic AI technology. Well, Firefly itself offers full AI technology sophistication. That way, it will make it easier for users to be creative and hone creativity.

2. Safe and legal

Several AI Art Generator services that are already on the market today have one major problem, namely copyright. All images stored in the Firefly database use copyright-free and copyrighted images. For images that are copyrighted, all licenses have been paid. So, it is safe and legal to use. For this reason, it is not surprising that Firefly is presented to target the professional segment.

3. Artificial intelligence is constantly evolving

One interesting thing about Firefly is that its intelligence is designed to be constantly evolving. With intelligence that continues to grow and is trained using various models, Firefly can make it even smarter. This is done because Adobe also realizes how AI can go wrong and produce output that is not what the user wants.

At a higher level, Firefly is also expected to adapt to user needs. In short, if you have a flair for making art, Firefly can be trained and customized to suit that style. This is what makes Firefly superior and different from other AI Art Generator services.

4. Create in an instant

Then how does Firefly work? For the most basic level, any text input can be directly made into image output by Firefly. So, the wording and sentence structure of the commands you make will have a big impact on the resulting image output.

In the following video you can see how to use Firefly:

Another interesting thing about Firefly, besides being able to create visual output from the input text you make, Firefly can also be relied upon for photo editing. So, can the popularity of Photoshop and Lightroom be shifted by Firefly?

Let’s wait how Firefly develops in the future. The reason is, for now Firefly is still in the Beta stage. There is no further information on when the final version of Firefly will be on the market.


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