ASUS Indonesia  has introduced the VIP Perfect Warranty program in 2021. According to ASUS, this program is an extra protection service for ASUS ROG and ZenBook laptop users, in the event of damage to the unit that is not covered by ASUS’ standard warranty.

So , to get to know him better, let ‘s just take a look at all the things you need to know about the ASUS VIP Perfect Warranty:

What is the difference between ASUS VIP Perfect Warranty and regular warranty?

As is known, ASUS provides an official 2-year repair warranty, both domestically and globally, including for the purchase of the ROG and ZenBook series. But what must be remembered, this warranty applies to damage that occurs not due to user negligence.

This is what distinguishes VIP Perfect Warranty from ordinary guarantees. The premium service will cover 100 percent of the repair costs for damages caused by user negligence.

What are the benefits like?

In addition to repair costs that are 100 percent borne by ASUS for damage due to misuse, those of you who receive the benefits of the ASUS VIP Perfect Warranty will get priority service during the warranty claim process at an ASUS authorized service center.

Who is entitled to VIP Perfect Warranty?

ASUS VIP Perfect Warranty applies to you consumers who bought ASUS ROG and ZenBook laptops , including chargers and batteries (not valid for accessories), purchased since February 1, 2021 with serial numbers starting with codes JXXX, KXXX, LXXX , and so on.

How to claim?

Of course, you can bring your damaged ROG or ZenBook laptop to the official ASUS Indonesia service center. Later, the service center team will check the activation data in the system directly to validate the time of purchase.

What if the activation data is not found?

No need to worry. You can show your ASUS VIP Perfect Warranty card, invoice or purchase receipt as proof of the purchase date of the item to be claimed.

How long is the ASUS VIP Perfect Warranty valid for?

VIP Perfect Warranty is valid for the first year of purchase. During this period, you can take advantage of the ASUS VIP Perfect Warranty once at a cost that is 100 percent borne by ASUS, including any damage caused by your own negligence.

Does it apply to ASUS laptops purchased overseas?

Not. ASUS VIP Perfect Warranty only applies to products purchased in Indonesia and repaired at the ASUS Indonesia Service Center.


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