GELID launches a premium headset stand named Nexus . This headset stand can be a solution to make your desk look more tidy.

Nexus GELID features

Nexus is not like a headset stand in general. This headset stand is more functional through the several features it brings. Carrying a flexible design, the headset holder can be rotated 360 degrees according to user needs. GELID has also added two clamp clips. That way cable management on the desk can stay in place and look tidier.

The most interesting feature of Nexus is the USB Hub and memory card reader slot. There are three USB 2.0 ports that support charging and high-speed data transfer. The USB port is accompanied by two microSD and SD memory card reader slots.

To use the Nexus is also very easy. Nexus can be attached to the workbench via a clamp system. The clamp can be used on any table with a thickness from 10mm to a maximum of 42mm. In addition, there is an additional anti-slip silicone layer so that it doesn’t come off easily. The design is also very light and sturdy. Even though it only weighs 140 grams, the Nexus is claimed to be able to withstand the burden of a headset with a total weight of up to around 1 kg. So, it can be used for all types of headsets .

GELID Nexus price

If interested, Nexus is available and can be obtained through the GELID website for US$19.


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