At the Huawei Spring 2022 Smart Office Launch event , Huawei not only announced 7 Smart Office devices on display at MWC 2022. There was one very interesting announcement at the event. Huawei announced a platform called Super Device. Well, here’s everything there is to know about the Super Device Platform.

What is Huawei Super Device?

Huawei Super Device is a platform that allows all devices in the Huawei ecosystem to be integrated and connected to each other. All devices here are not just PCs, smartphones and tablets. But, other smart devices such as smart watches, wireless earbuds, smart speakers, smart TVs to smart printers are also included.

What are the advantages of Huawei Super Device?

There are at least two advantages offered by the Huawei Super Device platform. First, Huawei promises the ability to connect between devices that will be shorter and easier.

The second advantage is that through the Super Device platform, Huawei device users can now experience a smoother usage experience between devices to support productivity. Very effective for users who often multitask or work with more than one device. In addition, this platform will also support hybrid and mobile work styles that are currently becoming a trend.

Huawei Super Device usage scenario

For a usage scenario let’s say you have a Huawei MateBook laptop and a Huawei MatePad tablet. Thanks to the Super Device Platform you can now connect your Huawei MatePad tablet to your MateBook laptop. Then, through the Mirror feature, the laptop screen display can be shared with the MatePad tablet. So you can take advantage of the pen input and the MatePad tablet’s touchscreen to write, doodle or draw.

You can also use the MatePad as an external monitor or a second display to get additional workspace.

Or, you can also display all displays from Huawei smartphones to laptop screens. Through this feature, it is even possible for you to open up to three application windows from Huawei smartphones on the laptop screen. Users are also possible to share files from smartphone to laptop or vice versa just by drag and drop.


Huawei Super Device and HarmonyOS

With the increasing number of smart devices, it is undeniable that platforms such as Super Device are very much awaited by users. The reason is, this allows users to be able to connect all their smart devices and still allow them to be able to interact with different smart devices.

Huawei Super Device is also one of the core features offered by Huawei’s HarmonyOS operating system. In short, the Huawei Super Device platform is arguably Huawei’s step to further popularize HarmonyOS by providing a complete and seamless user experience across Huawei’s smart device ecosystem.


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