OPPO A96 has an interesting feature called ROM Expansion. In contrast to RAM Expansion which can add RAM capacity virtually, ROM Expansion as the name implies aims to make internal storage more spacious. Not that the size becomes larger, but the goal is to move certain files so they don’t fill the phone’s memory.

Need a microSD

We all know that microSD is very useful as extra space to add file storage locations. Even so, usually the files that are inserted into the microSD are only photos and videos. Thanks to the ROM Expansion feature on the OPPO A96, the benefits of having a microSD can be more enjoyable.

ROM Expansion allows you to automatically save files (cache) of applications, such as social media, to the microSD. Yes, data from social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram is indeed quite claustrophobic. With ROM Expansion, the data can be partially transferred to a microSD so that the internal memory does not fill up quickly.

What must be remembered, the ROM Expansion feature on the OPPO A96 cannot be active without a microSD. You also have to be smart about choosing a microSD, because the speed varies. The sooner of course the better. Also, use a microSD from a popular brand and make sure it’s authentic so it doesn’t get damaged easily.

How to Use ROM Expansion on OPPO A96

Please note that ROM Expansion can be activated immediately when you insert a microSD in OPPO A96. Later, the system will start moving the cache when it detects the presence of a microSD. No need for complicated steps, but the benefits will be felt immediately.

You can also set your own if you want to save certain files automatically to the microSD. For example, from applications such as WhatsApp, Camera, or files obtained via Bluetooth and OPPO Share. The trick is to go to Settings -> select Storage -> select SD Card -> then click Auto Save Data to SD Card -> select which applications will automatically save files on the microSD.

OPPO A96 Specifications

What’s more interesting, the default storage space of the OPPO A96 is actually very large. The reason is, this phone is the first member of the A series from OPPO which is equipped with 256 GB of internal storage! With ROM Expansion, of course you can more freely save a lot of files without worrying about the memory filling up quickly.

In addition, the OPPO A96 is also supported by 33W SuperVOOC technology which is able to fully charge the 5,000 mAh battery in about 70 minutes. The performance is supported by Snapdragon 680, and the screen already has a 90Hz refresh rate. This smartphone with an IPX4 rating (splash-resistant) has a 50 MP main camera and a 16 MP selfie camera.

For those who are interested, the OPPO A96 is sold at a price of USD $297 and can be purchased offline through the OPPO Store network.


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